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California Classic

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy to Moderate
Flowering Time: 8 to 10 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 75% Indica
Effect: Pure Indica High
THC: Extreme Indica
THC%: 27.51%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.4%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 1.5%      Laboratory Report
Country: USA USA
Yield: Up to 400gr indoor/250gr out
Genetics: Cali Purple Kush - Original Kush
Price: 5 Seeds / $60.00
10 Seeds / $110.00
Purple Kush
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Purple Kush
Purple Kush is world renowned for its purple leaves and strong smoky taste combined with a very high THC level. The plant is short in stature with dense buds riddled with thin white and orange hairs. Purple Kush is a durable and versatile plant with frosty buds and an earthy pungent aroma that will take you on a ride outside of your body.

It flowers within 8 – 10 weeks and it can provide you with high yield of frosty buds. The THC level is extremely high and the effect is a known pure indica feeling that will make you come back for more.

Not quite narcotic though but it has a strong, pleasant buzz which is very relaxing and even couch locking. If you want to chill, then Purple Kush can help you.

Marijuana Seeds Canada Purple Kush

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How To Turn Your Plants Purple

77 Reviews to Purple Kush – Feminized Seeds

Says : Got ten beans all popped and grew taller than they should but nice smoke and great relaxer
Says : Just ordered these with white widow. Package just came, a lot quicker then I expected. I'm really happy with crop king. I've tried to use other sites, but this one is by far the easiest and has some good genetics. Thanks guys
Says : Ordered 5 - Germed 4 (per CK's germ instructions) 4 spouted .. I Now have 4 day old babies growing in a DWC - I'm F**ing Excited! Thanks Guys - Wish "US" Luck
J smith
Says : "5 out of 5" easy to grow needs little natural light
Says : I order five ty hopefully they come out good
Says : I order five ty hopefully they come out good
Says : I ordered this on 5 seeds on it came within 3 days. Holy Shit Skittles Batman!! I will most definitely place another order in the future.
Says : Awesome
Says : Completely satisfied with crop kings Purple kush...turned out beautiful tasty and potent Would defiantly recommend ... Thought it is a late outdoor finisher ;)
Says : Stealth ship 5 for5 fast germination. Thanks crop king
Kevin b
Says : I'm out here on the central coast of my seeds inside a week (8 months ago about) and am smoking my first harvest as I'm typing 😆😆😆 I am ordering more seeds now is all I have to say.
Says : I purchased a five-seed-pack through Jon's PF in Burnaby about 8 months ago. I had all five germinate and three survived. Two plants were very similar, one was an outside value. The outside value was the quickest, finished in 8-9 weeks, one of the others was ten weeks and the third was twelve weeks. They all yielded pretty good weed, but I only kept two of them(the 10 weeker and the outside value). Only one had purple hues. I am on my second run now and it looks like the outside value will be closer to 7 weeks and the other one closer to 8. I have decided to cull the outside value and keep the other one. Although I decided to keep just the one, one is a lot in my stable. No plant has cracked my line-up in years, including Bubba Kush, which people seem to think is great weed...not me. I was a bit skeptical because the site is so commercial, but I was pleasantly surprised. I might try some of their other strains after this positive experience. Based on finding a keeper out of only three plants I recommend this strain. A very rare endorsement. I am going to upload pix of the 3 freshly harvested colas.
John Jensen
Says : Super fast delivery...Only ordered on Thursday.
Jim coolman
Says : INCREDIBLE STRAIN. Im pretty new to cloning and I got 100 percent success rate with the purps. 12 out of 12 are now 24-36 in tall and 3 weeks into flowering and they are filling out so nice. The buds are all a light purple color with purple leaves surrounding the bud sites that cover everything and its completely covered in trichomes. I could go on forever. Delivery was in 7 days and extremely stealthy. My second order and I will be making another shortly. Crop king is the Man! HANDS DOWN! Keep up the great work guys.
Says : I've got three plants growing outdoors, started five of each, white widow, white cookies and purple kush, I took the best one out of each strain, the purple kush is about 10 feet tall and 15 feet around, it's just starting to bud, looks like the buds will be 2 to 3 feet long just huge, the white widow is about 9 feet tall and 15 feet round, buds everywhere and has been smelling great for months, been budding for 2 weeks, the white cookie is about 7 foot tall with giant fat buds well over a foot long, big around as a 25oz Budweiser, and has been budding just over 3 weeks, most awesome buds I've ever grown These three plants took up my whole garden area and are the best I've grown in ten years, can't wait till harvest, crop king seeds are awsome and I will be a return customer for sure.
Says : The PK seeds were very small. I ordered 5, only 4 popped up outta my seed starters. Now the White Widow seeds were bigger & ALL of those turned out great! I would recommend this site to anyone! Thanks cropkingseeds!
Says : Bought my seeds at local hydro store. Popped two and both germinated. I have to say that I must have gotten a nice people phenotype, because one of them is purple as hell already. The other one looks typical green. They are very sensitive to nutrients though.
Says : If your looking to get your plants a nice purple colour get the temp.down to around 50 degree's where your in the flower stage.Try that and you will find a big difference.
Says : bought 5 got 7 now have 5 seedlings. Great place to do buisiness
midnite toker
Says : Shipping was stealthy and quite fast. Ordered 5 & received 7 (thanks). I germinated 3 to start off and all 3 popped within 48 hours. I am using a DWC hydro system and had them on an 18/6 cycle for 4 weeks. All 3 were 18" tall and very bushy when I switched them to 12/12 a week ago, and they have already grown another 5" and preflowers are sprouting out all over! I'm anticipating a nice harvest if all continues well. Also, these little ladies are a bit sensative to the nutes, so use 1/2 whatever is indicated on the bottles (at least that's what worked for me). Tks again CKS. Btw just got my WW seeds today... can't wait to get them started after I harvest my Purple Kush.
Says : to Al Simmons The people who get the very tall and healthy plants use 30 gallon containers so if you want your plant to get bigger you will need a bigger container. PS. you don't need a thirty gallon container but just a bigger one
Says : I left 2 purple kush vegging next to 5 early miss plants on flowering 12/12h I thought the early misses are autos and the PK aint, anyway it started to flower and now I got 2 little girls with 1,5feet tall n' small purple buds
Says : I have grown P.K for a year indoors and outdoors. Is great for cloning. Had a high rate of mould in the outdoors but i suspect climate problems. Always a high yeilder of crystally colourful buds. Love this strain. Thanks CKS:)
Says : Just harvested my first purple kush this week. The potency is top notch but the buds were not as purple in color as your pictures show. Otherwise, I think it's going to be killer weed.
Al Simmons
Says : I got Purple Cush 6 seeds. all germinated, put them in pots outside. They grew fast to about 2"tall, and have never gotten any bigger in a month. The pots are very big, about 3 gall, and are outside in the Florida sun. I am careful not to over water, still no sign of growth, but they look green and healthy. I have grown mongrel seed be for with no problem. What am I doing wrong? Al.
rusty nails
Says : order 5 got 7, awesome thank you. Got it in 6 days to a different country. Will be returning.
Happy trees
Says : Order 10 Eight are doing well Two never even germinate it Boohoo But nice seeds ty
Says : All 10 germinated and doing fine. Thank You
Says : got them in 7 days!!! ordered 5 got 7 :) thanks gonna repost once they grow
Ernest jalim
Says : Just received my purple kush seeds ! They reached on time. I even got two extra seeds! They all germinating! Thus far everything came out perfect! But my main concern is quality ! I just hope that it lives up to what they say! Then I will never ever stop shopping with king crop seeds! All other companies screwed up in other areas like shipping, never reaching at all! So do far king crop got it going on
Red Mud Okie
Says : Day 37 of veg and the genetic quality of Crop King Purple Kush is amazing. Heading to flower in a few days and since this was my first purchase from CK I'm over the moon. Thanks so much for the great old time customer service and not to mention the fantastic quality of the product. BRAVO!!!!!
Says : Bought 5 got 7, germed 2, 2 sprouted. These things are growing like motherfers, beautiful, striking, incredible dark purple tinted leaves, getting a little dark now with the heat off. Growing on autopilot, very little fuss or muss. Growing them a FoxFarm schedule but at 1/2 nutes and still even got a little burn early on. Update again in two weeks, oh yea at 35 days now.
Says : Bought 5 purp seed they sent 8 Fl. 6 biz. Days. The best seed company there is I love u guys.
Says : 7days is all it took from order to delivery. Ordered 5 and got 7. You can believe in this company. I lol write again after germination.
Says : Extremely satisfied with this company, ordered five purple kush seeds a few months ago and they turned out great, not very purple but the smell was unbelievable, just recently ordered a pack of blueberry and white widow is soon to come, great job Cropking.
Says : Great service - got purple kush seeds yesterday ..... Got extras! Plus it was very good packaging fast 7 days to US Put 2 seeds in water last night already spouting today - less than 24 hours 100% success ! Don't waste your time with other companies fast, safe and great quality.
Says : this is were I will be buying all my seeds for now on!!! it took less then a week to get my seeds to cali and on top of it I received 7 when I bought 5. thanks many times over!!!
Red Mud Okie
Says : Order 10 got 12. Soaked 3, 3 germinated, 3 now 10 day old seedlings. PERFECTION!!!! Crop King now that's what I'm talkin' bout.
Says : My Purple Kush seeds arrived way faster than expected and all 10 germinated within 36 hours. Day four in the nursery and they're all an inch and a half tall. I am not a sorcerer or a Kung Fu master, so these seeds must be in a big hurry to get big, and I am okay with that. Multi-star thumbs up +10 so far!
Says : Im 3 weeks into flower w/ thisk sticky dank bud..My favorite of the favorite smells.. Nice job cks!
John Davis
Says : Seeds are great quality all sprouted and grew well. Vegging the purple kush is very easy. Flowering grew nice big buds. I just want to warn that this strain is very sensitive to nitrogen in the flowering so be carful. If u see any clawing reduce nitrogen right away.
Says : Bought 5 received 8. Six days for shipping. Well packaged. ALL 8 germinated successfully. 8 days later and they are in the pots doing great. I sent photos. Love the KING ! Why shop anywhere else.
Says : Fast delivery bought 5 seeds only germinate 1 and planted just check It should be here soon thanks cks
Says : just got seeds. thank you
Says : shipping time was amazing, could not of been happier!! trying to figure out a good time to start germinating considering i am putting them outside. i just wanted to say thanks and you'll be hearing from me again.
Says : Seeds arrived just 10 days after placing international order. Very discreet packaging. 100% germination. Second order took just 7 days. Also got a heavy seed count. Thanks CKS. Will be back for sure.
Stu k
Says : Great germination 10 out of 10. Fast growing with lost of vigor. Cloned and rooted very quick 6 days. And pouring out roots. Only issue with this one is its very picky about ph and food balance. Doesn't grow well with others. Likes a much higher potassium level than everything else I grow. I've noticed this with most kush stains. For that reason it probably really won't like coco as coco likes to hold onto k.
Solomon Plant
Says : Just made a purchase of 5 Purple Kush Seeds. Customer service was fantastic. I have the feeling this may be my seedbank.
Says : Germinated 12 out of 12 and got on average 2.5oz. Very happy with CCS:)
Says : I couldn't believe how fast the shipping was, only an estimated 6 days and came in at just 5. Planted 1 purple kush seed and just in 6 days already growing like crazy, definitely 5 out of 5 stars for crop king seeds, you guys are amazing!!!
Says : mid summer here in australia and the five i planted are all very different. one is huge, already five foot tall. two have purple stems and two are short and bushy. it's an outdoor grow and they seem to love the heat as long as they get heaps of water. so far so good, fingers crossed.
Says : My plants just planted last week looking good and growing well but I ordered 5 purple kush seeds only recieved 4
Says : Just got my first ever order in mailbox. 5 fem purple kush. Only took 7 days to get here. Awesome service.
Says : Nice
growing crazy
Says : Just ordered 2, 5packs purple kush & w widow. I will be back as soon as I see some green.With pictures and method used.
Says : Gonna get these seeds an gro w beautiful bud hell yea!!!!! $$$
Says : Ordered a pack of 5 fem seeds and 10 days later I received my order plus three more!! I will check back, just put 3 in cups to germ.
Says : Very fast shipping got extra seeds thnks u guys win new customer for ever!!!!
Says : fast delivery ...100% germ extra seeds company ever
Says : 7days to get to NZ. Intelligently packaged and 12 out of 12 germinated. Awesome:)
Says : I love purple kush
small fry
Says : crop king shipped immediately and I received 3 extra seeds!! Week 1 of flower, still waiting to see what the sex is. Plants look amazing and 100% germ rate.
Dr. Rob
Says : Quick delivery, even got extra seeds. Customer for life.
grow for fun
Says : Nice plants so far so good no bud yet 5 feet tall with 2 months to go 8 out of 10 seeds sprouted
grow for fun
Says : Nice plants so far so good no bud yet 5 feet tall with 2 months to go 8 out of 10 seeds sprouted
Says : got the seeds..i got 4 extra...thank you..i will give another review after...
Says : Amazing smooth smoke and in your face high. 10/10 will buy more :) !
Says : Grew only one plant so far. Plant got really tall, had to tie it down. Lots of massive, dense, resinous buds. Smells of typical pine kush with delicious floral undertones. Smoke is extremely mild, broad sandalwood and vanilla with hints of spice and funk. Outstanding.
Belia. martinez
Says : Thank you cropking
Joe Rainey
Says : Good stuff
Says : I received my order of Purple Kush Monday,(super fast by the way) and I have a 100% germination rate so far! I love Crop King and will trust them in the future! All Hail The King!
Doobie Smoker
Says : Ordered a pack of 10, will post a review once harvested.
Says : Last year we got the Purple Kush as our bonus seeds, as it turns out, they are our favorite strain :-) Thank you Crop King
Says : I got my Female purple kush 10 seeds today and they are beautiful. Thank you Crop King Seeds
Says : nice !
doug kolebaba
Says : 10 purple kush seeds
jeannie keys
Says : satisfied

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