Auto CBD Ratio Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Auto CBD Ratio 1:30 offers subtle mind and body effects, making it a worthwhile recreational and medicinal strain. It has a spicy flavor that matches its soothing effects. This hybrid is one of the easiest to grow and will only require a warm and sunny environment to grow, flourish, and bloom quickly.

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More About Auto CBD Ratio 1:30 

The Soothing CBD Strain

Auto CBD Ratio 1:30 is popular with consumers due to its subtle psychoactive effects and medical benefits. Imagine being able to enjoy the high of smoking marijuana while also getting the healing effects of the plant. The spicy flavor is a great addition to its features as a hybrid strain.

While many would be praising for its THC content, Auto CBD Ratio 1:30 also has more than its share of CBD. CBD provides a relaxing effect on the body. It calms the mind and soothes the muscles in the body, thus creating a relaxing experience for its user.

What truly makes this hybrid strain popular is its healing effects. One would receive countless benefits such as pain relief, lowered anxiety and depression, better sleep, and better appetite. The CBD level works wonders for the body, making it one of the most coveted strains in the market today. Growing this strain is suitable for beginners as it only needs the sunlight and a little bit of love to reach maturity.

6 reviews for Auto CBD Ratio Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Tristan Corbin

    Fuckingly awesome strain! Auto CBD Ratio Feminized did not give me a headache EVER! It live in the south so the environment is perfect to grow this. I got my first produce after 6 weeks. It flowers really, really fast. Once you try it, it will be hard for you to switch! It is that good! 🙂

  2. Bruce Jessup

    I really love growing this strain because it is very easy to cultivate and to maintain. It’s my 3rd time buying here in this seed shop and I kept purchasing this specific kind of seeds. The effect is just so excellent that helped me a lot with my condition. This particular strain got my highest ratings!

  3. Rita T. Darst

    I super love this strain! It gives me the best high and at the same time relaxes my body and heal my anxiety! This strain never gave me a hard time in cultivating.

  4. Anne

    The seeds pin were confused with another. I had to call in twice for customer service to figure out that indeed I did receive the correct seeds. Thankfully after 3 months of grow they are for sure auto 30% CBD plants 🙂
    These seeds were the First one to germinate in two days and prolific grower. Fast to start flower with darker leaves. Aroma is spicy, citrusy, woodsy and sweet/ warm / roasted. Took a little longer for 15% trichomes to finish to amber but sure worth the wait. Extra sticky buds, super loaded with CBD rich trichomes. Super potent relax /sleep aid or great with a cup of morning coffee. Just an amazing smooth aromatic smoke. Helps with every ailment and just seems everything in my body is smoother and so is my day. Excellent to add and combined with other THC rich cannabis for a well rounded vibe. My dog also loves it.

  5. Kooteney

    Ordered these hoping for the best. I got the worst. Not auto flower. No way? Paid premium $$.

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