Triple XL Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Triple XL Autoflower is a high-yielding strain that has mostly indica qualities. It has very large and dense buds and can give you higher yields when you follow its growing needs strictly. This automatic strain has a relaxing effect that can enhance sleep, reduce pain, relieve anxiety, and stress. You will also find its fantastic citrus and spicy aroma amazing.

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More About Triple XL Autoflower

Big Buds for Big Bucks

Triple XL Autoflower is a high-yielding strain that leans mostly Indica. This strain got its name for its large buds when compared to other strains. With the influence of Ruderalis strain, the potential of this weed to provide even higher yield has just been unlocked. The speed takes to reach maturity is uncanny even by marijuana standards, thus elevating this hybrid into a different status.

Bred solely for its large buds, the effects of this strain also does not disappoint. It showcases a formidable high that extends towards the deep crevices of the mind. The soothing physical sensation it produces seeps through the deep muscles. The relaxing feeling it generates helps improve the quality of sleep one gets. With its earthy citrus aroma and spicy flavor, one would find this treat tasty and mouthwatering.

As expected, this strain is a grower’s dream. The rapid growth rate that this hybrid has makes for a great addition to any grower’s farm.

2 reviews for Triple XL Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for The Grower

    The Grower

    High very good, very euphoric and upbeat … Like you can hear sound ahahaha
    Grew 3 so far in my experience the lanky one produces the shorter one plump up
    Smells real good taste real good to and she’s sticky with resin
    Worth the purchase seeds where mature and healthy… Only thing is at the time the seeds weren’t in a regular crop king card but it’s been awhile since I ordered from the king before this order so things could of changed
    Happy customer be purchasing some new cultivars soon

  2. Avatar for Tamsine Trautman

    Tamsine Trautman

    I love this plant it has become a staple. I love her taste, good positive high. Best part the yield; it is like growing a regular plant, it grows really fast.

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