Afghan Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Anticipate a satisfying sleep with the Afghan Autoflower strain. It is potent, with high THC amounts that will keep you grounded. It will give you a fantastic buffet of sensations that start with a euphoric rush. You’ll be in a delightful trance that will take over the whole body. Because of these effects, this hybrid makes a potent tranquilizer.

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More About Afghan Autoflower 

Your General Sleeping Aid

Afghan Autoflower is an Indica dominant strain that is better known as a sleeping aid. This weed holds a 17% THC content, which makes it moderately potent enough to knock you off your feet. The effects start with a gentle buzz that is very common for moderately high THC level strains. However, the fun begins when it starts beaming you up to the heavens. A euphoric rush soon follows, and you experience a delightful barrage of sensations that will overtake all of your senses. This trance is soon followed by a soothing and relieving effect that covers the entire body. This is what makes Afghan Autoflower a great natural tranquilizer.

Its strong earthy aroma and sweet pine flavor is a feast waiting to be indulged. The more you consume this weed, the more it becomes enjoyable. Often grown outdoors during the spring, this auto-flowering version of a legendary strain is quite resistant to molds and mildew. Medically, its pain-relieving properties, as well as sleep-inducing qualities, are what people are after.

6 reviews for Afghan Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Rachel A Marchant

    Rachel A Marchant

    Easy to grow and great for sleep. I’m on my 3rd grow with the Afghan Autoflower. Had a couple of seeds that didn’t pop but still I am pleased.

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