Black Jack Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Take your creativity to a whole new level with the Black Jack Autoflower strain. It has an amazing amount of THC at 24% that will help you focus and stay creative for different activities and projects at hand. It flowers fast and is also high-yielding without any special growing techniques to follow.

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Additional Information

More About Black Jack Autoflower 

Fast-Growing Plant with Impressive Highs

Black Jack Autoflower has some of the most iconic genes that have been passed on from the most impressive strains all over the world. It has one of the highest THC content known at around 24%. While this evenly-balanced strain has the titular soaring high, it can also induce a creative and energetic high that helps you feel relaxed and focus. The great thing about this weed is its ability to stimulate your appetite, and you end up hungry by the end second half of the session.

With its earthy berry flavor, one can smell the aroma of tobacco and pine when smoking this weed. Bred under sunny Mediterranean weather, Black Jack Autoflower offers high amounts of produce and only takes 8 to 10 weeks from germination to produce flowers and in time to harvest them. Under the right conditions, growers can expect around 400 to 550 grams per plant of yield with this weed.


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