Blue Amnesia Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Savor the unique blend of Blueberry in an autoflowering variety called Blue AmnesiaAutoflower. It has an amazing flavor and a powerful effect that will surely keep you satisfied for hours. It has moderate THC levels, but just a few tokes will make you feel focused, happy, and ready to start your day.

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10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Blue Amnesia Autoflower 

Excellent Taste That Induces Impressive Yields

Blue Amnesia Autoflower is an answer to users who are looking for sweet-tasting cannabis with an impressive high. With its 18% THC content, one can be sure that you will have the best head rush accompanied by a flavorful taste. This evenly-balanced strain immediately attacks the mind with a euphoric buzz that stimulates the mind. The heightened sensitivity that you experience will keep ideas flowing through your brain. This intense focus will also clear your thoughts from depression or anxiety. It will also melt away any tension in the body. Soon, a blanket of laziness will fill your body, and you end up having to slump on the couch.

The moderate use of this strain would cause the body to begin healing from pain and develop a good sleeping habit to combat insomnia. The high also stimulates the appetite, thus helping you gain the weight you've lost, especially if you have been receiving chemotherapy. Overall, this weed is a great strain to grow outdoors and produce great yields.


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