Blue x Cream C Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Fruity and relaxing, what more could you ask for in an indica-strain? Blue x Cream C Autoflower has these fine qualities that will help you relax, focus, and relieve pain and minor medical conditions. It is easy to cultivate and will grow well indoors and outdoors as long as it gets a lot of sunlight.

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Additional Information

More About Blue x Cream C Autoflower 

A Low Maintenance Strain With High-Class Quality

Blueberry is one of the most marketable strains due to its fruity flavor and relaxing experience. The addition of Cream Cheese and a Ruderalis strain to its genetics made this hybrid strain more unique. The pungent smelling Cream Cheese bodes well with the fruitiness of Blueberry, thus creating an Indica leaning herb that is geared towards relaxation.

The combination of both strains resulted in an easy to grow weed that can be done in any environment. At best, this strain works well outdoors, where it receives good amounts of sunlight for growth. Its sturdy branches can protect itself, and the warm outdoors will keep pests and moisture from causing molds and mildew.

When consumed in moderation, this strain will not result in a couch-lock experience; however, its sedative qualities are not to be underestimated. Tokers who want to sit back and relax should find themselves growing this weed in their backyard.


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