Blueberry x Mazar Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Blueberry x Mazar Autoflower has a signature mix of flavor, aroma, and taste and that amazing rush that you’ll get when you consume it. It has a relaxing effect that will calm you during stressful or anxiety-inducing situations. You can get top yields without much work because this strain is one of the easiest to grow.

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5 Seeds Pack


10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Blueberry x Mazar Autoflower 

The Perfect Blend of Aroma, Taste, and Effects

The fragrance and flavors of Blueberry have captivated a lot of users for many years now and continues to do so up to this day. There have been many variants of this weed that incorporate its signature blend of taste and aroma, and Blueberry x Mazar Autoflower is one of the many that truly stand out. This Indica dominant strain may not have the highest THC level that seasoned users are after, but it can still provide the rush that everyone needs. The powerful and relaxing sedative properties of this weed offer a decent calming experience for its user.

When smoked, the sweet, fruity, earthy tones of this weed dominates the taste and other senses that relieve anxiety and other worries away from your mind. Migraine episodes are reduced or limited due to the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties found in cannabis. Not one to be underestimated, this auto-flowering version of the original strain provides a hefty amount of yield by the time it reaches maturity and harvest season. Typically bred outside due to its resistance to diseases and molds, expect a lot of work to do come harvest time.


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