Cream Candy Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Cream Candy Autoflower is a strain to remember with its sweet and creamy aroma and effect. It has a steep THC at 24%, which can instantly knock you out. But when taken moderately, you can harness this high THC to make it useful for pain, stress, and anxiety. It is easy to grow and prefers the open outdoors but not in cooler climates.

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Additional Information

More About Cream Candy Autoflower 

Your Creamy Summer Treat

Imagine yourself on a sunny summer weekend afternoon enjoying a creamy treat, and it turned out to be a weed that tasted sweet and creamy. That is how Cream Candy Autoflower is best described as. This delicious strain is mostly Indica in nature; however, its flavor heavily leans towards the sweet
tooth. While it can be a tad bit too sweet for many, its THC content can be soaring high as well. With a 24% THC level, the mental effects are overwhelming, especially for a beginner. This immediately puts the strain on the must-try cannabis list.

Apart from its flavor and effects, Cream Candy Autoflower offers a lot of therapeutic benefits. It provides temporary relief from pain due to its high analgesic properties. If you found yourself stressed out and drained for most days, smoking this weed should allow you to destress and relax properly.
Proper sleep can be attained when you smoke this strain. Due to its Indica heritage, this strain focuses more on physical health benefits.

For growers, this auto-flowering version of the strain makes it easier to plant, especially when grown outdoors. It thrives in any given season as long as it does not fall into colder temperatures.


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