Critical x AK47 Marijuana Seeds

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More About Critical x AK47 Autoflower

A Fruity Earthy Treat For Everyone

Critical x AK47 Autoflower is a hybrid strain that is known for its well-balanced effects from both sides of Indica and Sativa. Its Critical Indica roots offer a physical calm that is a great sleeping aid, while its AK-47 Sativa lineage gives a mental vibe that should help you work through stress and fatigue. The combination of these two powerful strains resulted in a balanced hybrid that takes all the strengths of the parent strains and leaves out the bad ones.

With that, Critical x AK47 Autoflower's fruity, earthy aroma, is something that not a lot of people are going to expect. This makes the weed more enticing and tasty. Users will definitely find themselves toking this weed for hours and hours. This cannabis serves as a great companion in the afternoon or early in the evening when you want to experience zen. Growers should not be afraid of this strain as it is ideal for cultivating it under the bright sunlight.


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