Critical x Cream C. Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Pack your bags and head to a place where you can relax and chill all day long with Critical x Cream C. auto strain. It is a strain that starts with a satisfying high that rushes all over your body and then will slowly die down until you are in a desperate state of couchlock. You will also love its citrusy and minty flavors with a hint of wild honey.

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More About Critical x Cream C. Autoflower

A Weed Full of Surprises

There are days when you just want to chill and get away from the daily stresses in life. These are the days that you just like to throw everything away and feel your vibe all day long. And what better way to spend it with Critical x Cream C. Autoflower. This well-balanced strain boasts mild effects that will let you experience what this type of cannabis has to offer. First, it will send you to an increasing high that will blow over your body as soon as it reaches its peak. The sensations you feel once it slowly dies down will keep you from moving, and you end up couch-locked.

While it has some Skunk in its genes, users should not expect any pungent aroma from this strain; instead, it leans towards its cheesy smell. What surprises its users is its citrus and minty taste with a sweet honey aftertaste. This weed also offers amazing treatment options for mental health concerns. Those who have been taking over the counter medications for pain should consider smoking this weed instead.

1 review for Critical x Cream C. Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Jessica Leventhal
    5 out of 5

    Jessica Leventhal:

    Such an inspiration for me to finally grow cannabis. This strain has so much value and qualities that you will love. It meets my expectation, especially when I saw how blooming it was. Good yield and a potent plant. Really amazes me!

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