Early Miss Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Strong and dense, this fast-flowering, indica-dominant strain produces a high yield and can be grown any time of the year indoors or out as long as temperatures are above 10°C. When smoked, Early Miss is relaxing and has a THC content reaching up to 20.06%. One of the most famous Spanish genetics, Early Miss is a hybrid strain which is the result of crossbreeding two premium strains, Big Bud and the original White Widow. Our Early Miss is medicinally effective in pain therapy.

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More About Early Miss Autoflower

Thriving in both indoor and outdoor grows, our fast auto-flowering Early Miss is an easy to moderate grow. It flowers in a relatively short time, taking a mere 7 weeks. In that short amount of time, you will be greeted by thick buds with way more resin than you could ever imagine.This strain is indica-dominant at 60% indica, 30% sativa, and 10% ruderalis. The yield of this plant is amazing, especially relative to other auto-flowering strains. Outdoors, you can expect to have up to 100g in yield; indoors, that figure shoots up to 200g.

Early Miss is known to have a smooth relaxing effect that you can feel in every inch of your body. The THC content of this strain guarantees that all your stress will be knocked out cold by this lovely plant. Its scent alone, an intoxicating blend reminiscent of this strain’s parents, should be enough to pull you in.

Thanks to its solid genetics, this strain is also commonly used for pain therapy. This is the ultimate answer to common physical ailments that just won’t go away. It is a good idea to have some of this ready for those times you want to just lie down and get buzzed.

Keep some of this wonderful strain in your grow room if you want a superstar on hand. Early Miss has been around for a long time and has gained her own band of followers separate from those of her parents.

83 reviews for Early Miss Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for charlie bronson

    charlie bronson

    i grew 5 autos. 3 grew very nice and 2 were runts. my big one is about 4 and a half feet high and still not done.one was finished about a week ago very tight crystal buds probably around 20 grams dryed.

  2. Avatar for John H. Turner

    John H. Turner

    want to try

  3. Avatar for Mike W

    Mike W

    This is my first go with Early Miss.
    I’m on week 13, you read that right week 13 and its still not finished, I’d guess 10 more days so not sure where 7 weeks comes into play?
    It looks frosty, I’d guess 3-4 oz wet, definitely has her own smell! Look forward to trying her out, just not impressed that it’s 6 weeks past due date.

  4. Avatar for GUY


    planted inside for 2 weeks then transplanted into outside garden about 7 weeks ago. the one that took is 5 feet tall with flowers all over.

  5. Avatar for Sam


    Excellent growth of seeds so far! A few are 5″ and some are 3″, do I need to use a grow light inside? Any suggestions would be great!

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