Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

One of the oldest sativa is Haze, and now, it’s in autoflower form. It can induce energy, creative imagination, and a happy vibe, but this won’t last long. You’ll soon surrender to deep and relaxing sleep. It is also a strain that’s very easy to grow, with good yields and perfect flavor and aroma.

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5 Seeds Pack


10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Haze Autoflower

A Groovy 60s Experience

Bred in the budding years of the 60s, Haze is one of the oldest known Sativa strains to ever grace the world of marijuana. There is a reason why this weed is still relevant up to this day, and it is because of its legendary status as a potent strain. This Sativa dominant weed combines creative imagination and subtle high with less of the lethargic experience. This is also the reason why this strain works well with people who are in stress.

Ideally, this weed should be consumed in the afternoon when stress is at its peak or if you want a sudden burst of energy. The Sativa strain leaves your energy levels to sustain you for the rest of the day. With this auto-flowering version, one can grow Haze Autoflower with much ease. There should be no problem with this vigorous plant, and the fact that it just got a lot better means growers should expect a huge amount of yield come harvest.

1 review for Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jennifer Werner:

    Fantastic Strain. I grow this with 5 seeds pack. And all seeds are perfectly germinated. Currently it is now on its 3rd week, with a medium height. The thc level is just fine with me. It suits my needs. The effects are really good! No trouble in sleeping. I can say what I’ve read on the description matches the quality of the strain. Quality genetics!

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