Maxigom Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Maxigom Autoflower is ideal for casual users with its low THC levels. It is a strain for first-time growers as it’s mild, easy to handle, and will provide a blissful state that will lead to a dreamy sleep. It can also help with pain, all kinds of pain, and also with stress, anxiety, and depression.

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Additional Information

More About Maxigom Autoflower 

The Great Casual Weed

Maxigom Autoflower is a strain that is perfect for casual marijuana users. With its moderately low THC content, it offers a milder take on the psychedelic effects of marijuana. This is a great introductory strain of weed for beginners. Bred by crossing Critical Mass and AK-47, this Indica dominant strain leaves a mildly euphoric high that results in a blissful, relaxing state that borders of lethargy. While its intensity may not be as overwhelming as other strains, it still has decent psychoactive properties. Its Indica properties are reminiscent of a warm buzz that slowly washes away any tense muscles in the body.

With its sweet pineapple aroma and flavor, it is a surefire hit for newbies and casual tokers alike. The uplifting effects aid in clearing the mind from depressive thoughts while the anti-inflammatory properties keep pain at bay. A unique strain that people can use daily, Maxigom Autoflower makes for a great casual weed to introduce to friends and have a good time together.


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