Mazar Marijuana Seeds

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More About Mazar Autoflower 

Your Bedtime Buddy

Mazar Autoflower is an Indica dominant strain that is a cross between an Afghani and Skunk strain mixed with a Ruderalis strain. This auto-flowering version of Mazar offers a fast flowering time of around 90 days from germination. It offers mild psychoactive effects due to its low THC content; however, that does not mean that it has no value. Relatively speaking, the incense aroma with hints of citrus create a vivid experience for its consumer.

While many might not be enticed due to its low THC level, its relaxing effects are still palpable and effective enough to draw a pain-free sedative experience. It may not have the couch-lock experience that other marijuana strains offer, but what it does is good enough to bring you to a euphoric high. This Indica dominant plant is a great provider when grown outdoors. The sunny environment bodes well with its sturdy and durable build. Come harvest time; growers should expect decent to high amounts of yield.


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