Northern Lights x Blueberry Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Northern Lights x Blueberry Autoflower is an indica-dominant strain with stable genetics and is very easy to cultivate almost anywhere. It is a hybrid strain with quick effects starting from a heavy cerebral high that descends to a body-centric stone. It can help you deal with pain, muscle strain, joint pain, headaches, and stress, to name a few.

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Additional Information

More About Northern Lights x Blueberry Autoflower

The Quick Flowering Miracle

Northern Lights x Blueberry Autoflower is an Indica leaning plant that offers a lot of incentives for both consumer and grower. When grown, this weed has stable genetics where it can be cultivated at almost any environment as long as there is a stable temperature. As a consumer, this Indica dominant hybrid has hard-hitting and fast-acting effects. It starts with a massive cerebral rush that slowly descends into a body stone.

Perfect for bedtime use, this strain tastes exactly as it smells, which is a mix of berries and spicy skunky aroma. While this weed is a consumer's dream, it also offers a lot of medical benefits, including relief from joint pain and headaches. It calms down the nerves and muscles, thus enabling a smooth sailing drift towards sleep.

If you find yourself looking for a perfect strain that enables sleep and relaxation, then this strain should be your perfect choice.


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