Train Wreck Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

We blended ruderalis with our sativa-dominant Train Wreck to form a mind-altering hybrid auto-flower. Spice up your day with a cerebral, euphoric high while melting away aches and pains. Compact yet high-yielding plants produce dense, resinous buds smelling of citrus and pepper. Suitable to any growing ability, this stealth strain will fly under the radar in your cannabis garden. Flowers mature in 8 weeks.

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More About Train Wreck Autoflower

Classified as an easy grow, this plant can be grown indoors or out and flowers in just 8 sweet weeks. Don’t be surprised when you’re greeted by absolutely huge dense buds with crystals and colorful hairs all over. The strong scent alone of this plant is nearly enough to knock you out and give you a wild mind trip.

With 60% sativa, 30% indica, 10% ruderalis and a descendent from the great Original Cali Train Wreck, our auto-flowering Train Wreck is a hardcore, stony, and outright mind-blowing high.

This hybrid auto-flowering strain has mind-altering effects. This is the perfect smoke for those times when all you want to do is sit back and drown yourself in a pure cerebral high that leaves you feeling euphoric. If you have been having a hard time at work, school, or even at home, then you need to reward yourself with this.

Train Wreck is known for some medicinal effects as well. A lot of medical marijuana users turn to this baby for relief from various kinds of pain and for similar physical ailments. Light up Train Wreck and experience a nearly instantaneous happy buzz with a body soothing effect.

These babies may be small, but boy, do they deliver. This auto-flowering strain is known to produce large yields. Outdoors, you can get up to 150g out of this. Indoors, you can expect that number to go up to 250g.

47 reviews for Train Wreck Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Andre


    Absolutely love this batch of seeds. They all grew great with great yields. My THC levels were even higher then theirs averages. Very happy with these girls.

  2. Avatar for Brian


    I ordered 15 TW autos 5 years ago and just grew the last seeds. My all-time favorite strain. From seed in water (day 1), its takes me between 92-98 days to get to harvest. Topping around 5th node helps yield. Keep temps below 85 with lots of air flow or she will foxtail like crazy. Foxtail buds smoke fine, but too fluffy / airy. Highest possible recommendation for the Crop King Train Wreck Auto. The TW auto hits your cerebral cortex like a hammer knocking your mind into another realm of thinking.

  3. Avatar for Scot


    These plants took off after they got started. Couldn’t believe how quick they grew!
    Germinated with CKS guide. Perfect germination. After 3 weeks began flowering. Now been 4 weeks and flowers developing alot each day. Plants grew so much past 2 weeks. I’m impressed. 1st time grow and great to learn with auto’s. Highly recommend. Note: 1 plant looked sickly and poor phenotype I thought. It caught up with the others. Can’t tell it apart from others.. I did give it some extra TLC, nutrients and water.

  4. Avatar for Barrcode87


    This was my very first grow after researching and deciding what set to run I went for a 2*3 closet grow with about 7 ft height. Led 300watt light I grew 2 at a time in this space I lollypopped and did some very heavy defoliation at the beginning of flower. I was trying to copy someone’s technique and man the heavy stress in beginning made the trichome production insane my plants all grew about 4ft tall and the buds were dense as fuck. The stress caused my 8 week grow to be a 12 week grow but was very much worth it producing roughly 200g of dry weight per plant. I grew one normally I topped them lst and mainlined and honestly the numbers didn’t seem to change so only tip I have for these strong growers are to stress the hell outta them at beginning of flower and compare to a normal plant you’ll see what I mean. This is my seed bank for sure! Y’all have my vote

  5. Avatar for Ronald Rodgers

    Ronald Rodgers

    In my opinion to Trainwreck is a five-star done properly with L St they can be monsters crop King is that shit

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