10 Best Strains for Depression

best strains for depression

Depression is a challenging health condition, and it is practical to say that there is no simple cure to this. Unscientifically, cannabis strains are believed by many people to create a favorable effect on the health condition – although it still manifests an uneasy way to fix depression. The deposition is expanding, and it backs up the claim that strains can help, although one should still do the research.

Cannabis strains will only work to alleviate the signs of illnesses, although depression is quite perplexing, although there are 10 best strains for depression. Overcoming depression is mainly about providing an encumbered mind time to loosen up and recover. For this thing, Sativa strains and hybrid strains with Sativa features are mostly used by many stoners who want to find relief from their condition.

10 Best Strains for Depression – Knowing the Best Strains

Being knowledgeable will always give you an advantage. In this case, learning about the different cannabis strains will help you find the best treatment for depression. To help you figure out the best strains for depression, here are the 10 best strains for depression:

Super Sour Diesel

There’s a great reason why Super Sour Diesel is a common midday strain. Enthralling and motivating, this strain is recognized to release large terpenes. Terpenes are fragrance compounds in the cannabis strain that share the body and mind sensed effects. Super Sour Diesel contains elevated levels of various mood-enhancing terpenes, including bisabolol, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene (BCP).

In a preclinical trial, BCP contained antidepressant properties. BCP is pungent terpene mostly in black pepper and lemon balm. Likewise, limonene, which offers a calming citrus scent, was determined to show anti-depressant effects. Sedative bisabolol is a chamomile-flowers terpene. Bisabolol has a soothing function that may help individuals with depression and dual anxiety.

However, this strain’s disadvantage is that it produces exceptionally high THC levels. Moderation is advised while using this strain. Excessive THC will easily worsen depression, particularly when the blissful effects begin to subside. While some users find ample THC alleviation, some claim it can exacerbate problems over time.

OG Kush

OG Kush is a good strain for depression. However, you may want to ensure that your strain is lab-tested properly so you can be certain about what you are getting. This strain is known to be a nice afternoon dessert. It is a high-THC strain with a distinct profile of terpene. Exhibiting high levels of BCP, myrcene, linalool, and limonene, OG Kush provides users a breezy and cheerful encounter. Gentle terpenes like linalool and limonene are believed to provide mood-enhancing effects, while the piquant myrcene serves as a sedative and mesmeric. Linalool is rich in lavender, giving users a soothing and satisfying sensation.

All in all, OG Kush has terpenes that are gently tranquilizing yet sympathetically buoyant that can be beneficial to people who are having difficulty in relaxing and enjoying the conversation with others. Unfortunately, OG Kush also has a high level of THC, which may not be favorable to the users. 

Classic Cookies

Classic Cookies is another strain that has a high level of THC. It is a gentle and soothing daytime strain. This disputed hybrid strain is harmless to use during the daytime as long as the user has a great tolerance for THC.

Breezy and uplifting, this strain has remarkable limonene levels, which are simultaneously refreshing and soothing. The soothing characteristic of this terpene is anticipated to prompt a pleasant mood and mental articulateness without triggering too much stimulation. A perfect option for people who are looking for alleviation for depression, this strain also has great levels of beta-caryophyllene and sufficient levels of soothing linalool.


MediHaze is a CBD-rich strain. Mostly considered a Sativa hybrid. This strain will be a better option for people pursuing cannabis alleviation without THC’s thrilling results. It also conveys a 1-to-1 CBD-to-THC ratio or even better. The pressure is harmless for daytime use as it guarantees an uplifting mental quality. While the anti-depressant effects of THC can be harder to stabilize, it is believed that CBD produces fast antidepressant effects.

A preclinical study conducted on rodents has determined that CBD can improve the degrees of the neurotransmitter serotonin quicker and more skilfully than the pharmaceutical anti-depressants. Aside from the fact that it has high CBD levels, this strain can also exhibit satisfactory quantities of limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and linalool.

However, it would be good to know that this strain may sometimes illustrate great myrcene levels. Although myrcene is commonly considered as a depressant, CBD is inclined to have a stimulating and refreshing effect on the users.


Harlequin is another strain that has a high CBD level. It is quite similar to MediHaze. Nevertheless, Harlequin often characterizes a CBD to THC ratio that is close to 2:1. The same with MediHaze, this strain possesses high levels of beta-caryophyllene and limonene, providing this strain a soothing, cheerful, and sober feeling. The strain also has moderately significant myrcene levels, making it more restful and relaxing than the strains with no sedative properties.

The same with the other strains that have high levels of CBD, Harlequin does not create significant excitement and is harmless to use during the daytime. People who want to find help in getting a night of good sleep, however, may like a variety of strain that has higher levels of THC and myrcene.

Pineapple Express

Another cannabis strain that has a high content of limonene is Pineapple Express. The strain is typically straight access to a cheerful moment and is recognized to be one of the more uplifting cannabis strains. 

However, the strain has an amazingly high level of THC. Hence, new users must be very cautious with it. In many situations, several weeds are already sufficient to alleviate depression, and users will be able to see life from a different viewpoint. 

Jack Herer

When a strain is labeled after one of the most prominent personalities in the world of cannabis, you know that there should be a corresponding excellent quality to it. Jack Herer is a cannabis strain containing a THC level that is around 17 to 24 percent. It prompts a pleasant mood, stimulate creativity, and affects one to feel an uplifting high, which turns it very assuring in alleviating depression.

Aside from that, this strain is adored by writers, painters, musicians, and other artistic minds who search for ideas in cannabis. Lastly, Jack Herer does not allow the brain to meander once you put your concentration into something. Hence, it is going to keep away anxiety.


ACDC is an avenue to hell. Its incredible CBD to THC ratio, which is 20:1, makes it exceptionally helpful in relieving depression. ACDC has a cannabinoid content that is up to 19 percent, while the THC content is only around 0.2 percent.

Since this strain is characterized to be CBD-dominant with a very minimal content of THC, users will not experience psychedelic effects. This strain is mostly used to alleviate depression, chronic stress, anxiety, PTSD, and panic attacks.

Northern Lights

Cannabis enthusiasts know that nothing can give better sleep and relieve stress than a good Indica strain. Nevertheless, when we talk about depression, good may never be sufficient. Hence, you may want to avail yourself of the best cannabis strain possible. For instance, it is the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights is a cannabis strain that is characterized to be Indica-dominant. It is discernible for whole-body relaxation and a sensation of serenity in the head. After taking a bowl of Northern Lights, try closing your eyes, and you will understand why it has been given the said name. This strain can stamp out every worrying thought. It can also bring you to sleep, just like the most compelling mix of tranquilizing weeds.


One of the largest manifestations of depression can be the lack of concentration or mental cloudiness. Cannatonic is an ideal cannabis strain that works to enhance the mood and focus. With its favorable effects, users can still tackle their tasks and other works that they may not be able to deliver, if not because of this strain.


If you are planning to consume a cannabis strain to treat depression, it would be significant to know the 10 best strains for depression. It is also best to select a product that is relied on the content of the terpene, the content of the cannabinoid, the type of strain. 

Overall, strains with a high concentration of CBD is the opted choice for a person who longed to get treatment for his depression. CBD is non-psychedelic, and it creates no adverse effects on the body. 

Indica-dominant strains are commonly chosen to be consumed in the night time to treat depression. It is still seen to be a prominent choice among patients who are suffering from depression as it works to make the smoker feel calm, sleepy, and happy. It creates a soothing effect and controls the mind from speeding.

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