Cannabis Seeds Quality: What to Know Before Growing Your Own Weed

cannabis seeds quality

One of many reasons for producing a potent and good marijuana plant is having a quality seed. Aside from presenting your cannabis plants with well-balanced nutrients, on-time, and a decent amount of water and light, high-quality seeds are one to consider. Having a meticulous attitude in obtaining good seeds will not only guarantee you of producing precise genetics, but it will also ensure you of getting a great terpene profile and potent cannabinoid composition. Furthermore, it will also keep you away from disappointments.

Cannabis plants are known to grow from two origins. They are by clones or by seeds. Marijuana seeds include genetic composition coming from two strains origin, which can be signified in many crosses. It may be signified from the mother parent or father parent, which will eventually display diverse characteristics and traits.

Most commonly, various marijuana business producers will attempt to grow as many seeds as possible from one strain and will choose which one will be the best. Then, they will clone it using the chosen plant in order to produce the same genetics for massive reproduction.

Yet, for an average cannabis grower, getting seeds versus clones can be easier. One of the reasons behind this is that cultivating using seed can deliver a healthy and vigorous marijuana plant with solid and rooted genetics.

Cannabis seeds quality

Marijuana growers consider and perform various factors and methods in achieving a healthy and potent cannabis plant that is able to generate a high-quality yield with a great number of buds. In order to achieve this goal, one of the foremost things to put into consideration is to start from the seed quality. Yet, with the high demand for marijuana nowadays. There are many sellers that float around the cannabis market. With that, obtaining a quality seed may sometimes get very challenging.

In this article, we will be discussing cannabis seeds quality. With the underlying considerations, the typical question a typical grower may is what to know before growing your own weed.

There are several factors to put in mind. These factors will be able to make you understand and know what the things to look first in order to obtain a quality seed are.

What are the factors to consider?


One of the factors to put in mind is the appearance of the seeds. Seed with high-quality possesses specific beautiful features which can be used to differentiate the good from the bad ones. For the record, good seeds typically have darker shells that resemble grey or brown with a touch of black. Other strain may seem to look like an animal print. Moreover, high-quality seeds normally have stripes or spots on their shells.

One the other side of the spectrum, seeds that contain bad quality are somewhat white or green in color. When you notice that the seed you have acquired carries this color, you can expect that they will not sprout and eventually grow into a strong and healthy marijuana plant.

One more thing to consider to their appearance is their glossy surface. High-quality seeds appear to have coated wax on their scales. In order to identify this, you can put the seeds below a light. When they seem to have a glossy surface, it means that they are healthy and good seeds.


Another essential factor to put into consideration in checking the quality of the seeds is through its genetics. In order to develop a healthy and potent marijuana plant, one must have good genetics. Some typical producers will just pollinate a female cannabis strain to any male strain. The result is obviously not likely. A good cannabis seed producer will allot great time and effort in pollinating two strains in order to obtain a good genetic with stable and highly coveted features.

Aside from that, though you may have a good seed with decent genetics, in order to obtain a healthy cannabis plant, one must take a step to complete its maturity. Storing seeds properly is also a plus to prevent the proliferation of molds and other harmful microorganisms that could further affect and spoil them. The proper storing scheme should be in a dark and cool place. Using the seeds up to their 16 months lifespan is recommended.


The hardness of the seed is another factor to consider for a healthy one. In order to know if the seeds possess vitality and health is by placing it to your thumb and pointer finger. One with high-quality seed should be strong enough to carry the weight. On the other hand, seeds that easily get broken or completely cracked only signify that it includes bad quality. The cracks
resembled on the outer part of the seed only indicate that the seed is vulnerable.

Another underlying factor to hardness is the ability of seeds to sink in the water when placed at a specific amount of time. One that is very much cheap and easy way to check. To do this, you need to place the seeds in a container filled up with clean water. After two hours, if the seeds settle on the bottom of the container, it just simply means that it is healthy. On the other hand, if the seeds float, it just means that they are poor and won’t last. Do this test directly before the germination process.

Reputable source

The last essential factor to consider is its source. As much as possible, you have to obtain your seeds from reputable companies as they have a lot more knowledge and information about them. Unfortunately, other low time dealers and seed sellers do not know anything about the seeds that they are selling.

In your pursuit of buying seeds, choose a reputable seed company that has customer service support for its consumers. Though growing cannabis plants is such an easy task, you may not know what may come on your journey in cultivation. It is still safe and likely that you can run to someone like their online support if you had a problem in growing the seeds you bought. A reputable company normally has customer support as their best concern lies upon helping their consumers and maintaining their prominency.


Before growing your own weed, one of the things to put in mind among the rest is having good quality seeds. With the growing demands of seed in global online platforms, knowing the factors to consider is very helpful in producing a healthy and massive yielder plant.

The appearance, genetics, hardness, and its source may be a lot to know but can give you a lot of benefits as soon as you start cultivating. Choosing to buy marijuana seeds of high-quality doesn’t only offer a great growing experience, but it will also give you joy during the harvest as the effectiveness, and its quality speaks on how it can showcase a lovely smoking venture.

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