Pros and Cons of Getting a Medical Card

Cons of Getting a Medical Card

Most marijuana consumers get a medical card for them to have extra protection, especially if they are patient or have a marijuana business. Marijuana is known to be still illegal to most federal degrees, so it’s important to know the pros and cons of getting a medical card. A medical marijuana card is used as an identification card that is issued to patients that are qualified for different medical conditions. 

Medical Marijuana card provides the patient to have legal permission to purchase in any marijuana stores to buy marijuana to aid their certain symptoms or medical needs conditions. Moreover, having a medical marijuana card allows an individual to grow cannabis as well as to use for cannabis delivery services as well.

These medical marijuana cards required certain regulations to be issued and qualified to have a medical marijuana card. Having a medical marijuana card are many pros and cons to consider.

Pros of Medical Marijuana Card

There are states that viewed the legalization of using marijuana for medical purposes favorably. The following are the pros of having a medical marijuana card:

You can have for a legal protection

This is when you live in a state that has already legalized the use of marijuana as medicinal, then having a medical marijuana card is important to own. If you are caught by an authority with marijuana, and you don’t even have a medical marijuana card, then you will be charged for a fine, or it even results in you being put in jail. The medical marijuana card is your identification card to have authorized that you can use marijuana in a legal way.

Purchase with Limits up to Right Dosage

For the use of medical marijuana, the right dosage is very important. It necessitates a great potent and great marijuana dosage to relieve your symptoms. Even though there are medical hospitals that sell stronger cannabis when you have a medical marijuana card, you are able to purchase more weed than the usual limit. Instead of buying at least 1000 mg of cannabis, you can purchase up to double mg of an average limit. 

Aside from that, you can even get a high standard weed with substantial THC absorption. This is considered as the main reason for allowing patients to apply for the medical marijuana card. The following are examples of health benefits that marijuana can treat.

  • Marijuana is known for relieving different particular types of pains such as chronic pain and also neuropathic pain.
  • Marijuana is very effective when it comes to relieving nausea and vomiting. There is a study that showed that therapeutic cannabis could lessen nausea that is caused by the chemotherapy that is used to aid cancer, and it almost totally gets rid of vomiting.
  • Marijuana is considered to be safer than other medications prescribed by doctors to treat the same symptoms. Like for example, marijuana can be used as an alternative to opioids to manage the pain that the patient feels. The Opioids are known to be very addictive when used for long-term use as an aid to chronic pain, and it is not recommended to use for the long-term.
  • Marijuana can also help to treat those patients who experience appetite loss that is related to the conditions of specific types of cancers as well as HIV or AIDS.
  • Marijuana is proven and has been used for a long time ago as a natural medicinal agent that has a good effect.

Purchasing Weed in Cheaper Price

This is when you are living in a state that legalized marijuana as recreational use. Having medical marijuana cards allows you to save money, and you can even easily prevent an excise tax for marijuana; otherwise, if you are living in a medical marijuana legal state, you can still save more when compared to the medication prescriptions. Having a medical marijuana card helps you purchase the drug for a smaller amount.

Distinct Age Restriction and More Ownership Limits 

Those cardholders can bring up to 220 grams of weeds that means to say that medical marijuana users can carry more amounts of weed compared to those who use it for recreation while those recreational users are only permitted to use for a maximum of 200 grams of weeds. Even if using marijuana as recreational use is legal in all states, it still requires that the individual who uses it must be at least 21 years of age. But still, there are still some states that allow people if 18 possess medical marijuana cards easily.

Cons of Getting Medical Marijuana Card

Not allowed to purchase firearms

This is one of the cons of getting a medical card. If you are in need of a gun, then you need to choose what is more important for you. Healing yourself by the use of weeds or protecting yourself for needing a gun.

Having a Medical Marijuana Card Required to Renewed Annually

In case you are not aware, but getting a medical marijuana card, the all process is quite an intimidating procedure. You need to have a lot of regulations to be considered, and you are required to show why the law allows you to issue a medical marijuana card. And even if you are already issued a medical marijuana card, you still need to renew it annually to keep getting benefits for having it. Also, doctors will give you an endorsement that can be valid for one year.

Difficulty in Applying for Jobs

If you want a government job such as military, law enforcement, or the government job itself, then you may think twice about acquiring a medical marijuana card. Since the utilize of weeds is still a debatable topic today, most employers still didn’t consider it agreeable if their employees are using cannabis. In addition, even if you are already a cardholder, it is still not valid in most organizations. It relies on the state where you are living, or if you are not required to apply to your state to possess a card, then your personal details still go on a record.


Now you’re aware of the pros and cons of getting a medical card. It can affect your job application, social status, activities, and overall life. That’s why being a responsible medical card owner is a must.

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