What is the Difference Between CBD in Hemp and CBD in Marijuana?

difference between hemp and marijuana cbd

Some people use the words hemp and marijuana interchangeably, but actually, there are several differences between the two. Yes, both are derived from the same plant: Cannabis sativa, but are actually two different things. Let’s focus on the most important product derived from the two: CBD.

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the compounds found in high CBD seeds of weed. It is the therapeutic compound that makes weed medicinal. There are two forms of CBD, CBD in hemp and CBD in marijuana. Each has specific amounts and uses.

What is hemp CBD?

Hemp contains CBD and THC; however, CBD can be as high as 20%, while THC can be less than 0.3%. At this level, hemp is more therapeutic than marijuana as it has more medicinal CBD. Hemp products such as hemp oil contain high CBD allowing it to be used on different medical conditions.

What is Marijuana CBD?

Marijuana contains very small amounts of CBD, often less than 10%. Meanwhile, marijuana contains higher amounts of THC at 20%, and thus, marijuana products are often used for recreational activities. THC oils can leave you high as a kite because you’ll be consuming THC in its purest form. Marijuana THC oil will let you make awesome THC products like edibles, topical oils, vape oils, and more.

Hemp CBD oil uses

If you need help with a medical condition like pain, arthritis, nausea, vomiting, or anxiety and stress, use CBD hemp oil. This kind of oil is from hemp plants. Actually, all cannabis species can produce oil, but only industrial hemp can make help CBD oil.

Industrial hemp is cultivated basically for harvesting hemp oils. This type of oil has minimal to absent THC and thus will never let you experience psychoactive side effects. Hemp oil may be extracted using different techniques, and you can use these to make different products and for a variety of purposes.

There are two types of hemp oil

  • Regular hemp oil – this type of hemp oil is from the stalks of industrial hemp plants. This one is used in different products like moisturizers, cosmetic, personal care items, supplements, and paint. When you read hemp oil in a skincare product or hair care product, then these refer to this kind of hemp oil.
  • Culinary oil – this is high-grade oil that’s edible and is also cold-pressed. But instead of coming from the stalks of plants, this oil is from hemp seeds. The oil smell strong with a delicious nutty smell and flavor. Culinary hemp seed oil is not for frying but is used as finishing oil like sesame seed oil. It contains polyunsaturated fat and a lot of fatty acids that contribute to good health.

Marijuana CBD oil is something different. CBD oil is classified as a natural concentrate that has high CBD levels. More than 85 cannabinoids are found in a cannabis plant, and CBD is second only to THC. But unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects, and users won’t lead to a euphoric high.

The use of CBD oil has become more popular because of CBD’s many health effects. Take note that CBD is not similar to medical or therapeutic marijuana. Researchers also say that CBD may be able to help with different medical conditions, including pain, anxiety, inflammation, and the side effects of chemotherapy (loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting).

CBD in marijuana is mostly used to make medicinal products. CBD oils are taken orally, under the tongue or on the skin to reduce many different medical conditions. CBD oil is clear, yellow to bright yellow with the aroma and taste that’s distinct to the strain it was taken from. CBD oil can also be used to make other products like edibles.

Hemp oil for personal care products

Hemp oil is used in many different products, but it is more prominently used in making skincare items. It is a natural oil that’s rich in nutrients that will keep skin and hair healthy like magnesium, potassium, Omega – 3 and Omega – 6 polyunsaturated fats and of course, vitamin E.

Hemp oil will coat your skin to avoid moisture loss and dehydration. It is rich in fatty acids that act as natural emollients to deal with irregular spots and bumps on the skin. These fatty acids also boost the creation of water and oil barrier on the skin. This will help reduce skin problems and skin conditions. In short, hemp oil is a treatment and a preventive product.

Hemp seed oil will keep skin moisturized enhances collagen production to support the different layers of skin and will help the skin fight harmful free radicals, which can damage skin cells.

So what’s the difference between CBD in marijuana and in hemp?

CBD found hemp is useful in making different home and personal care products. CBD in hemp is abundant, but this form is not the kind used in medications and medical treatments. Meanwhile, CBD in marijuana is used to make medicinal products, including therapeutic oils, cannabis edibles, natural treatments.

The cannabis plant is a wonder to behold, and all the things that we know about this plant so far are just the tip of the iceberg. There are still so many things to learn about CBD and THC, as well as hemp and medicinal cannabis.

At present, there is a huge interest in creating products and therapies derived from medicinal CBD. The US FDA is open to different opportunities that CBD may provide, but there are some companies that create products that contain CBD and THC, which is a compound that is not regulated by the FDA.

The only CBD drug approved by the FDA is Epidolex. This drug contains purified CBD and is used for children suffering from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or the Dravet syndrome. The FDA has concluded that this CBD-derived drug is safe and effective as it has appropriate doses that are needed for the treatment of patients with serious epilepsy conditions. After the approval of Epidolex, children as young as 2 with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome were able to live normal and happy lives.

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