Skunk Fast Version Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Spawned from a legendary Skunk is a Skunk Fast Version strain. It is a potent indica strain that comes with a powerful 23% THC. It flowers fast, and you’ll surely be amazed by its jaw-dropping resinous buds, which can give you up to 460 grams of yield per plant. It also has a captivating aroma, sweet and earthy.

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More About Skunk Fast Version

Intense Sweet Skunk

The Skunk Fast Version is a genotype of Skunk and a secret cannabis hybrid that is Indica-dominant. It has a cerebral effect, with 18 to 23 percent THC content. The flowering time of this hybrid is 50 to 55 days with skunk taste.

This feminized cannabis plant gives you decent yields up to 460 grams per plant. You can easily grow it either outdoors or indoors. The flowering period is only 45 to 50 days, growing hard, resinous buds. Also, it has plenty of leaf resin. You might want to save all leftover trimmings to make wax or oil cannabis extracts.

When Skunk Fast Version is grown outdoors, it grows much faster. It provides the same penetrating and intense aroma that most Skunk strains possess. This cannabis strain has a sweet and earthy flavor, providing a hard hit smoke that can fill up your lungs. It grows 0.7 to 1 meter indoors and 2 to 3 meters outdoors.

3 reviews for Skunk Fast Version Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Steve DEThomaso

    Steve DEThomaso

    i wish i could post a picture of what ive grown in the last 3 months, cause my skunk plants(2 seeds in a 5 gallon bucket) are starting to bud now, between the 2 plants growing next to each other, i counted about 68 buds forming, i cant wait for the taste of the 1980s again, happy planting…

  2. Avatar for Mr bud

    Mr bud

    I am a long time grower and have been with the king since 08 . Skunk was very good and easy to grow. This smoke took me back to jr high, good times. Trying big bud now ,ordered 5 all germinated , super cropped them and the 5 x5 tent is full . I will update soon.

  3. Avatar for DisguiseLive


    whats up future growers, i ordered mah skunk seeds got them in 4 days with some extra seeds aswell. havent started them yet because i got some serious Wyatt Herbs to finish/harvest first.. i will post another review on my next purchase aswell. … P.s Very nice customer service.

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