Skunk x Northern Lights

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More About Skunk x Northern Lights Fast Version

Impressive Trichomes and Generous Yield

The Skunk x Northern Lights Fast Version is a crossbreed of Early Skunk and Northern Lights. It’s an Indica-dominant cannabis strain that provides high yields of 450 to 550 grams per square meter for indoor cultivation and 600 grams for outdoor growing.

Skunk x Northern Lights has a reduced flowering period, about eight to nine weeks. You can harvest it after six to seven weeks. Also, you can grow this strain using the Sea of Green method by taking cuts of the greatest female plants to emerge. Skunk x Northern Lights Fast Version is a photoperiod cannabis variety too with impressive trichome production and high overall yields.

When it comes to THC level, this hybrid strain has 18 to 23 percent content. The effects are fast-acting, which makes you feel euphoric buzz with a couple of hits. It enhances the mood and provides a sense of happiness, allowing you to stay focused on your tasks for a more enjoyable experience.


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