Hash Plant Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Compact and resinous, this 8-week strain gives a hashish smell when cured. An 80% indica-dominant strain, Hash Plant produces a narcotic body high, perfect for patients who suffer from migraines or arthritis. Hash Plant is a phenomenal strain for hashish due to its resinous content. The THC level of the hash plant can reach up to 15% and will give you a strong, long-lasting effect. If you want max power and total devastation, then Hash Plant seeds are what you need. It will deliver you bombs of potent THC that will knock you out. Even the experienced and dedicated smokers can attest to how strong Hash Plant’s knockout punch is.

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More About Hash Plant Feminized Marijuana

Originated from the Netherlands, Hash Plant feminized marijuana is known for its hardcore effect. This is a versatile plant that can grow indoors and outdoors. Indoors, this plant can produce yields weighing up to 300g. Outdoors, the maximum yield is 150g. Hash Plant is categorized as an easy to moderate growth.

The THC content of Hash Plant is not too high with an average of 12%, but the CBD level is impressively substantial at 3.5%. The effect of this strain is known to be a strong and long-lasting body buzz. It has a narcotic high that benefits those plagued with arthritis and migraines. Pair that with the high CBD content, and Hash Plant becomes a highly ideal strain for medical marijuana patients. This is a great smoke for weekends when you have nothing to do and just want to lie down for hours.

29 reviews for Hash Plant Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Zi Dorgelo

    Zi Dorgelo

    Hash Plant strain will delight you with small bursts of euphoria, I’d prefer indoor cultivation illuminated with a 600w lamp, with that it gave me around 500 grams per square meter. dense green buds, about the size of shelled filberts, with a strong smell of chocolate and pine. Sadly, the chocolate aroma doesn’t carry over to the taste, which is full of pine and chemicals. Extremely relaxing strain. The high comes on slow and gently melts tension away. Very arousing as well.

  2. Avatar for Eric H

    Eric H

    Growers would agree that the CBD content of this strain is just impressive! Strains usually have 0.01 to 1% CBD contents but this one has 3.5%! It means that this can be used by patients for medical purposes. This strain should receive more reviews!

  3. Avatar for Christian Groban

    Christian Groban

    This is awesome! It was just two months ago when out of the recommendation from my well-trusted friends, I received this Hash Plant Fem strain fro Crop King seeds, and now, I already have them fully grown! It cures my muscle pains more effectively than my pain killers meds. I will be sticking with this one for sure.

  4. Avatar for Willow Ouellet

    Willow Ouellet

    Wow, I was not expecting Hash Plant to be this potent! It’s definitely got a very herbal and minty taste to it. I wasn’t a fan of non-sweet tasting stains until this one, to be honest! this was really easy to smoke. Overall great flavors and really simple growing. Average yields but perfectly okay!

  5. Avatar for Homo naledi

    Homo naledi

    Recently harvested two hash plants in hopes that it would help with ADHD. In the evening the sedating effects slow the racing thoughts and the accompanying frustration of it. But I’d not recommend using it in the day if you have to do anything requiring precise concentration or catlike reflexes. Having said that, it’s the miracle strain for arthritis relief. It relaxes the muscles which is a big part of pain control. If it still hurts, I don’t care, and either way is good.

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