Amnesia Purple Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

With its high THC levels and delicious flavor and aroma, Amnesia Purple is a tasty strain that will bring out the best recreational and therapeutic effects. It can boost your mood, stimulate focus, and euphoria, and will make you feel relaxed all day long. Its flowers are large, orangey, and embossed sugar leaves.

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25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Amnesia Purple (fem)

Invigorating and Tasty

This Amnesia Purple (fem) is just so invigorating and tasty as it comes from Purple Kush and Amnesia Lemon genotype. Its THC content is measured as 18 to 21 percent making it ideal for Cannabis smokers. This can bring out immense effects in elevating the mood, focus, euphoria, creativity, and relaxation. Its aroma can be fruity and also citrusy. It also comes with good flavors of sweet, citrus, and lemon. Nevertheless, just get ready to experience dry eyes and dry mouth. 

When once grown, it typically is characterized by its vibrant and green flowers. It is also highlighted by its orangey pumpkin pistils. It also features snow and white resin that is embossed with sugar leaves. It takes as short as eight to ten weeks only for Amnesia Purple feminized seed to finally bloom into a flower. While the lighting it demands should be at least six-hundred watt in the form of HID lights. Its yield can reach up to about 500 grams per m2. 



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