Black Domina Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Black Domina is a powerful old-school feminized strain created from the mixture of three legendary strains; hence, it is a stunning indica hybrid. It grows fast and comes with resinous buds. It offers a potent body high along with a wonderful array of flavor and aromas. You’ll enjoy a peppery, hashy, pine, and earthy smell combinations with Black Domina strain.

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25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Black Domina (fem)

The Leader in Dankness

The Black Domina is a dank, heavy, and old-school hybrid that is almost an indica. She was born out of combining Northern Lights, Afghani, Ortega, and Hash Plant. With her 90% indica genetics, she carries a medium-THC amount of 15-20%. This amount will be enough to get you high for a certain period. Black Domina is the combination of the best celebrity indica strains. So, it is no longer surprising to see her growing and developing with thick and gooey buds that ooze the classic indica high.

She induces a body high accompanied by the tantalizing combination of hints and notes for her aroma and flavor. You will enjoy different scents and tastes such as spices, pepper, hash, earthy, and pine. Her heavy-hitting effect will travel from your head up to your toes.
Black Domina is fine with indoor and outdoor cultivation. She is highly recommended for beginners. She is a short and bushy plant that is not demanding. She will ready to harvest in just 8 weeks!


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