Black Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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(29 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

Our purest Indica strain is ideal for relaxing and social activities. Black Indica is a short and stalky plant with wide leaves that is ideal for medical purposes such as insomnia and mild pain relief. With moderate levels of THC and a relaxed high, this fast finishing indica is ideal for beginners. Feminized Black Indica marijuana seeds are easy to grow and will do well in both indoor and outdoor grow setups.

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More About Black Indica Feminized

Black Indica feminized originates from Spain and is the offspring of two of the strongest and most potent cannabis strains we know today: Pure Kush and Afghan. With a short flowering period of 8 weeks, Black Indica has quite a high yield. Outdoors, yields can reach 200g. Indoors, that figure shoots up to 400g.

This is not a particularly difficult plant to grow or care for. You can expect maximum yield just by ensuring it has good growing conditions.

This strain has a moderate amount of THC (12.94%) and a relatively high percentage of CBD (2.5%). Having a tame Indica effect, this is the type of strain you smoke when you want to relax while still being able to socialize and interact with friends. There are no psychedelic or couch-locking effects.

With its high CBD percentage, medical marijuana patients often turn to Black Indica to combat insomnia and find relief from mild body pain. This strain is good at targeting areas of the body that are experiencing mild aching sensations and produces a nice soothing effect. Whether you’re looking for medicinal effects or just wanting to have a good time while going about your day, as usual, this is an ideal addition to your grow room.

29 reviews for Black Indica Feminized
Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Big Bob
    5 out of 5

    Big Bob:

    Crop King did me RIGHT! My order arrived with only 4 seeds, and while not a huge deal the price for the seeds made me want to at least tell them about the shortage. They went above and beyond actually shipping me another set of seeds more than making me whole. That and they arrived just days after I had advised them of the shortage. I live in Pa. and plan an outdoor grow so it will be a little while before I put them to the test. But the buying experience was fantastic, keep up the GREAT customer service.

  2. Avatar for Lawrence Roy
    5 out of 5

    Lawrence Roy:

    Perfect for beginners like me! I successfully germinated the seeds and it really thrive healthy that made me harvest up to 500gr of buds. Its It has a spicy and woody flavor that improves my mood body relaxation and couch-lock. It also relieves the chronic pain I experience and lastly it makes me sleepy.

  3. Avatar for E Rush
    5 out of 5

    E Rush:

    I bought this strain because I suffered from fatigue and body pain. At first, I thought it wouldn’t help but when I tried using it, feels like heaven. It targets all the areas in my body. Amazing! I started planting the seed outdoor. I topped twice a vegged for 30 days and flowered for 55 to 60 days. They grow a ton of leaves and needed a lot of defoliation. Love using it with lemon taste! Will surely plant more! 5 stars!

  4. Avatar for Richard Young
    5 out of 5

    Richard Young:

    Apart from the medical benefits that I get from Black Indica Fem, I am really amused that it’s a strain that has all the things that I need from it. I usually prefer indica over sativa, but this strain gives me the goodness of both, with indica comprising more of that goodness. It also has dense and strong buds! Most of these qualities manifested because I got good quality seeds and of course, I followed the right process.

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