Critical 47 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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More About Critical 47 ( fem)

A Cross Between Two Sweetest Strains

This Critical 47 (fem) is brought about by the crossing of two sweet strains that can be found around the world. Its genetics can come from the AK47 and Critical Mass with it, mostly Indica. It comes with a strong peace and mango aroma while its taste is touched by Vanille.

Its powerful and Indica effect makes it just so unique as a strain. It is also very cerebral and relaxing because it will increase your appetite. This also only requires several notes and also an odor control system.

As per its genetics, it is ordinarily inherited from Mexico, India, and Columbia. Its ancestry is also rooted in Afghani Skunk and Critical Mass being its grandparent strains. This is a fifty-fifty split between Sativa and Indica. This skunky cannabis tastes delightful and flowers at such a quick time. It boasts a fruit aroma while it surpasses for its meditative and calming high.

1 review for Critical 47 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Ronald Sizemore

    I bought 5 seeds of Critical 47 it grows well it tastes powerful. This was my first time in life to grow a plant. I chose Critical 47. From starting plants develop exceptionally enthusiastically and strong. I grew it naturally It still gave me 300 grams of pure bud which are exceptionally clean and huge. It is highly suggested for everybody. Thank you

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