Critical Mass x Cheese Candy Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Fragrant and satisfying, these are words to describe Critical Mass x Cheese Candy feminized strain. It is rich in amazing flavor with a touch of citrus. It is a recipient of many cannabis awards because of its good taste and amazing effects. It is also a potent, high-yielding strain that you must grow in your garden today.

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Additional Information

More About Critical Mass x Cheese Candy (fem)

Fragrant With a Citrus Hint

This Critical Mass x Cheese Candy (fem) is a seed that comes with a fragrant bud. This is covered with such an intense flavor having a citrus hint. You will realize more of its immediate effect, appreciated, and intense odor.

The feminized seed is brought about by the combination of Caramelo and Cheese. This is something that works well together, having brought the strain to its existence. This has also won multiple awards in many different countries. This is also a badass, whereas the original Skunk Number 1 is crossed over the high-yielding Afghan. This results in a tick to a unique yield, taste, and potency.

This feminine seed can best deliver up to almost 750 g/ m2 when grown indoors and 600 g when grown outdoors. This is also perfect for beginners, but only when this seed is grown following an intermediate skill. Its citrus hint is just so intense while it is appreciated well due to its market odor.

2 reviews for Critical Mass x Cheese Candy Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. M. Gray

    sweet cheesy pleasure is all I can say about this strain. Not only expert can grow this,but it is absolutely fine for beginners. Check all the variants of seeds, hence you will not be undecided here. I got a pick, cultivate this Critical mass cheese candy. I put it outdoor where it can get sunlight for better grow. Blooms after 8 weeks of patiently waiting. And now I enjoy this powerful high-yielding strain. More things why must try this, dense buds and rich in trichome with the stunning rose gold pistils.resistance to molds and diseases makes her less complicated. when smoking, it is tempting to take more with that lemon cheese mint taste hard to resist. She uplift my mood against anxiety and stress I currently have. Highly recommended!

  2. Danny L.

    First time trying a feminized marijuana strain and I can that I’m very impressed. I love its cheesy and lemon taste and aroma but not so much its pungent side. The subtle minty hint also gives a kick to my taste buds. I can really say that it hits quickly and intensely! I love how it boosts my mood and just gives me positive vibes all over. Relaxes my body and helps me handle stress pretty well. Used the ScrOG technique and grew pretty decent yields. A strain that’s definitely gonna be on your fave list!

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