Critical x Amnesia Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

You’ll immediately fall for Critical x Amnesia feminized strain’s amazing flavor and potent effects. It has a glorious citrusy and sweet flavor and an aroma that adds to its relaxing effects. It is potent and perfect for relaxation and for elevating your mood. It is also perfect for busting all kinds of pains, including headaches, migraines, and muscle pains.

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Additional Information

More About Critical x Amnesia Fem

Making A Name On Its Own

This is a newcomer in the strain industry. This is also expected to create a name in almost four-hundred twenty scenes. This has so many things to offer to a grower like you. This is true to its serious appeal with its buds that highlight a citrusy and sweet earthy aroma. It can tickle your nose after you opened the jar. When you inhale it, it will begin to spread out a balanced effect. This is brought about by the solid lineage consisting of two equally potent and contrasting strains.

This is great for delivering such a cerebral punch. This is because it is powered by almost twenty-two percent of THC strength. Its psychoactive flower can hit up your head very fast and very hard. This also brings about a euphoric blow that can naturally uplift your mood. This will put a smile on your face while it fades your worries away.

1 review for Critical x Amnesia Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. 5 out of 5


    It takes ample vertical space but it’s no big deal. I just had to make sure to put on some support because its long, thin stems can easily break. Its dense bud and citrusy sweet smell are so appetizing. Anyway, it was able to hit my head real quick! It helps me with anxiety since it takes my worries away in an instant and only lets me think of good things. I’m glad I tried this out. Will be coming back for more.

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