Critical x Cheese Candy Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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(4 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

Critical x Cheese Candy is a feminized cannabis strain known for its amazing effects and very potent yields. It is able to produce such an amount of buds even with very little care or the use of a special growing technique. It has moderate amounts of THC and is ideal for relaxing, relief of pain, and stress.

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Additional Information

More About Critical x Cheese Candy (fem)

Slender and Tall

This is a slender and tall type of feminized seed. This is also classified as an Indica plant following Sativa growth patterns. This best requires the expertise of mid-level growers. For as long as this is handled the best way possible, this can produce up to one thousand three hundred grams when grown outdoors. This is also great to produce five-hundred grams indoors.

This does bring out a promise of being a strong and sweet psychoactive treat. Its THC content level ranges from fifteen to nineteen percent. It can have the typical effects of sedation and psychoactive. This can best reduce the severity of pain and stress. Its impediments known include dry eyes and dry mouth.

Once when the seed has grown, it comes with trichome-dense and weighty flowers that bloom with the coral pistils. This is also despite the green foliage in the forest. This also flowers at a time of six to eight weeks. It can then reach a height of 200 to 300 centimeters. Its yield is about 450 to 550 grams/m2. The harvesting month is specific in October.

4 reviews for Critical x Cheese Candy Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ruth B.:

    arrived early than expected! wow a great cheesy aroma.Honestly,i was surprised with the harvest,she is a high-yielder plant that creates about 1250gr per plant,see?really overwhelming. Mine grown lovely outdoor where she dances under sunshine and open air. I chose this because of her relaxing buzz that reliefs me from migranes and sleepless nights. good herb to take at night to fall asleep early,clear the mind and calm the body. the vapor of this plant taste like a cheesy lemon with a mint aftertaste same as to her scent. Want to unwind? no need to go out,just stay at home and take a puff,turn on the music and think of your goals. Great one!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Jess Wood:

    loved this cannabis,sweet cheesy treat!.she helps me a lot to ease the pain from migranes..when i started taking this, i become productive at work,less stress and feel so happy everyday..I didn’t expect i can harvest a high yields,around 1300gr/plant, she leaves me amazed with the dense buds and kinda rose gold pistils..this is my first time to cultivate critical cheese candy,and i’m so overwhelmed with her aroma and flavor and grateful with her effects that somehow changes my everyday life,boost my self-esteem and enjoy the relaxing buzz..her cheesy lemon aroma mirrors its taste blended well with minty hint, gooood hit with friends!. top quality!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Diana Doner:

    What a great seed! Critical X Cheese Candy germinated after 24hr. Well with CKS, it is not a surprise at all their seeds are all HIGH-QUALITY! I can guarantee y’all. Although growing this strain is a challenge because it needs a lot of experienced I still managed to develop it great. This strain grows very tall like 6 to 8ft tall and yields abundantly. The citrusy smell always filled the room and it’s really addicting! However, the main effects of this strain is what I love the most because it is very mood-boosting and relaxing, it could also sometimes reduce some mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. So if you’re tired from work I highly recommend this strain.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Jordi Wiggins:

    I can definitely back up that this is an outdoor grain. Yields were really far apart! got a good 900 to 1200g from each plant outdoors. Colas were filled with fat nugs but they tend to get really congested. Gotta leave some space in between the garden squares. This strain starts with a really gassy and bitter taste. It was hella strong it knocked me out for a good 3 hours! Need to be more careful next time haha. Nice strong buzz and really potent high! I’m sure a lot of ya will enjoy this

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