Exodus Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Indica-dominant Exodus Cheese is one of the first Cheese strains ever produced. It is a feminized strain that bears huge yields. Imagine harvesting more than 800 grams per square meter of growing space! This amazing strain has high THC and moderate CBD and is used for the relief of insomnia and poor appetite.

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25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Exodus Cheese (Fem)

Something to Cheer Upon

This Exodus Cheese (Fem) is an original strain starting from the entire Cheese trend. This is sixty-percent formed of Indica marijuana. This comes with a vine-structure that must be scragged first for the best results possible. This is in regard to yield and bud development. When grown indoors, 800 grams/m2 could be harvested in just an 8-week flowering time. When grown outdoors, it will need support as the branches can get long.

The buds can get heavier and denser than ever. The THC levels produced are good as between 10 to 18 percent. This also comes with a low CBD of about 0.28%. It has its exciting flavors of woody, musky, and earthy. Its effect can be creeper building slowly and powerfully as a stone that can last for a longer time. It is up to you to use it medicinally to control the pain being felt. It is also great for the treatment of insomnia and stimulation of the appetite.


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