Green Crack x AK47 Marijuana Seeds

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More About Green Crack x AK47 (fem)

An Irresistible Tandem

If you are a fan of both AK47 and Green Crack, then you will surely enjoy this cannabis strain. In short, she’s a child of the two that features both the good sides of her parents. Green Crack has been known for its massive yields. AK47 has been known for its intense effects. So, expect both these two qualities in Green Crack x AK47.

With an average THC content of around 13 to 20 percent, she will get you high but not to the point you can’t handle yourself. Her effects are more of the sativa side. She will make you more creative, energetic, and mentally focused on her euphoric, uplifted, and relaxing effects.

For your taste buds, she has the best tastes and aromas to offer. Her flowers exude the notes of flowers, citrus, lemon, tropical, and skunk. This combination of notes is simply amazing.

Green Crack x AK47 is ideal for indoor or outdoor cultivation. She can be a bit challenging to cultivate, but beginners still have the chance to experience a rewarding cannabis cultivation experience. She guarantees a very decent yield, thanks to Green Crack.


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