Hindu Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Hindu Kush is a fantastic legendary strain with a complex aroma and flavor. It has a musky odor that intensifies when you smoke this strain. It is a short and compact plant but has productive yields. It is a wonderful stealth strain perfect for people who cannot grow cannabis legally from where they are.

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25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Hindu Kush (fem)

A Pure, Potent Indica

She’s one of the legendary cannabis strains you can ever try. She originated in the Hindu Kush mountainous region that creates the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. She has been marked by her big clustered greenish sticky buds.

Her aroma is extremely complex, which is a blend of musky and sweet scent, with hints of sandalwood, spice, wet earth, and pine. Its musky odor will intensify when you burn and smoke her flowers. Thus, she produces a rich smoke that can be harsh or cough-inducing. Inhale it and savor a vague taste like pine.

Aside from her aroma and taste, you will also enjoy her effects. The Hindu Kush is a creeper. At first, you will feel physically relaxed. In the end, you will feel lazy and sleepy. Taking her at a higher dose will surely lead you to the couch-locked state. As a plant, she is short and bushy. She rarely reaches 5 feet in height. Despite that, she yields decently. Growing her indoors is much better than outdoors.


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