Humboldt Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Humboldt is a mysterious strain, as it’s still unclear where it came from. It is a demanding strain, but nonetheless, it will reward you with buds oozing with amazing resin, good yields, and fantastic flavors. Humboldt is sweet and floral; it is also upbeat and uplifting, which is a wonderful smoke to savor.

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More About Humboldt

A Mysterious Hybrid

Her genetics are still a mystery, but many believe she’s a descendant of the classic Afghani. She is a tall, fast-growing plant that is quite demanding. Despite that, she never forgets to reward a hardworking grower with bountiful yields.

With proper care, she grows well indoors and even outdoors. She is a fast bloomer, as her flowering time lasts only for 8 weeks. Her yields are always above average – which is one of the things that made her worth considering.

Her aroma is sweet and floral, making her one of the tastiest hybrids. Her high is somewhat upbeat and uplifting, taking your mind to the overall qualities of a powerful Haze. She is a nice smoke to consider if you wish to remain clear-headed. Her high is more on the cerebral side, but she can also induce physical sleepiness. With Humboldt, you will be more creative, happier, and energetic throughout the day. Her genetics allowed her to bear 17-21% THC.

9 reviews for Humboldt Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Broussard


    one of the best companions for social gatherings! Absolutely perfect for my fatigue. Flavor-wise, its creamy and palatable smoke tastes floral and citrusy on the exhale. Once I hit it, it made me feel propel to cloud nine which remains for hours on end. I grew this strain indoor using the SOG method to control the humidity. these strains were prone to mold so I used the 700w HPS lights to dry up the area. It was a short and bushy plant with plenty of branches that needed to have frequent pruning. Its yields were high and has flavorful buds. Highly recommend.

  2. Avatar for Steven B.

    Steven B.

    Humboldt, you are a masterpiece! You may not be easy to take care of but you make all my pruning and SOG-ing worth it. Over the 8 weeks that I’ve gotten to know you, I just can’t help but marvel at you short and bushy stature wrapped in enormous trichome filled buds. Your sweet flowery scent and flavor makes my mouth water every single time I light you up. Your smoke is delicious on the inhale and smooth on the exhale that you instantly bring me to my happy place and make me forget the horrors of reality. Praise the weed gods for you, you delectable mystery!

  3. Avatar for M. Hall

    M. Hall

    humboldt has floral aroma which is great to be in your garden!.plant that blooms in a sunny climate, and creates a herbal citrus scent buds. so much grateful I decided to cultivate her, less pressure. now, its a big help to me! lately I have migranes and insomnia,so hard to sleep at night,smoking this before bedtime tends me to have a deep sleep just like a sleeping pill,less worries and releases burden. because of her side branches,needs trimming of her fan leaves for better air flow and light, by doing this reduces the attacks of molds and pests to her buds. her sweet herbal spicy smell floats inside the room, its creamy smoke taste of a floral citrus flavor will impress you!..til next time!.,.

  4. Avatar for K. Whitcomb

    K. Whitcomb

    Here, they only offer the best seeds! be satisfied with her sweet floral scent, sooo awesome! i got a tall,fast growing strain. buds full of resin and an abundant yields. A light brown pistils and curl leaves. Can be smoke day or night but I usually used it before bedtime reduces stress and pushes me to bed and have a deep sleep. Morning puff is also good! stimulates my mind more positive.. feel that floral woody taste, then after smoking expect dry mouth and eyes,also a bit of headache. definitely, worth a try!.

  5. Avatar for Kevin Fisher

    Kevin Fisher

    A cryptic and flavorful happy strain to die for! One of the fastest flowering marijuana I cultivated. Very easy to handle as I decided to grow them outdoors with the SOG technique. They grew tall with abundant yields of resinous buds, olive green leaves covered with frost, and orange hairs. A delectable smoke of sweetness and floral scents overwhelmed my palate. Mainly cerebral high hit me as it brings me up to be in a blissful state. It energizes me too to get going throughout the day. Muscle tensions and irritations vanished in a snap. You should really try this happy strain.

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