Humboldt Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Humboldt is a mysterious strain, as it’s still unclear where it came from. It is a demanding strain, but nonetheless, it will reward you with buds oozing with amazing resin, good yields, and fantastic flavors. Humboldt is sweet and floral; it is also upbeat and uplifting, which is a wonderful smoke to savor.

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25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Humboldt

A Mysterious Hybrid

Her genetics are still a mystery, but many believe she’s a descendant of the classic Afghani. She is a tall, fast-growing plant that is quite demanding. Despite that, she never forgets to reward a hardworking grower with bountiful yields.

With proper care, she grows well indoors and even outdoors. She is a fast bloomer, as her flowering time lasts only for 8 weeks. Her yields are always above average – which is one of the things that made her worth considering.

Her aroma is sweet and floral, making her one of the tastiest hybrids. Her high is somewhat upbeat and uplifting, taking your mind to the overall qualities of a powerful Haze. She is a nice smoke to consider if you wish to remain clear-headed. Her high is more on the cerebral side, but she can also induce physical sleepiness. With Humboldt, you will be more creative, happier, and energetic throughout the day. Her genetics allowed her to bear 17-21% THC.


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