Jack Herer x Superskunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

5.00 out of 5 based on 8 customer ratings
(8 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

Jack Herer and Superskunk is a fantastic strain that will help you unwind after a long and busy day. It is a wonderful everyday smoke that can give you a cerebral effect rather than a relaxing high. It will make you alert and productive, ready to work on any project or task.

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Additional Information

More About Jack Herer x Superskunk (fem)

The Best of Skunk and Jack Herer in One!

Jack Herer x Superskunk is giving you another way to unwind after a busy day. She is a good everyday smoke. She tends to induce a cerebral buzz instead of a relaxing body high. That’s good, especially if you need to stay mentally alert and productive.

When it comes to effects, be ready for the mixed feelings of improved creativity, extreme relaxation, uplifted, and increased energy to keep you going. She induces a powerful boost to your energy and creativity without getting you overwhelmed. Her effects stay mild. With her, you’re less likely to be intoxicated, unless to take a higher dose.

For scent and taste, she features the combination of lemon, citrus, pine, pepper, sweet, and skunky notes. All these hints form an invigorating blend that is so tempting and delicious. Her THC level sits between 17-24% – just the right one.

She is easy to cultivate, considering how good her genetics were. She looks beautiful with those narrow bright green fan-like leaves and aromatic yellowish pistils.

8 reviews for Jack Herer x Superskunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. 5 out of 5

    Bryan S.:

    Smoking this sweet, sour and piney flavored delight makes me feel like Jack when he reached the top of the beanstalk – on top of the world! I feel like I can do anything and everything! Anyway, it was quite challenging to grow this strain but I managed to yield a good amount of harvest after just 9 weeks through the SCROG method. I immediately noticed the large colas sprout from its yellowish-green pistils that literally made my mouth water – which is funny because smoking this weed makes my mouth dry. Nothing a good jug of water can’t solve. A must buy!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Schmidt D.:

    One word: Legendary! This strain is just the bomb! The effects are just intense, very blissful and very potent. It just gives me that mental uplift, improves my mood, and just give me all-over positive vibes. But after that, a very soothing and relaxing finish relaxes my body and just throws all my stress away. Its sophisticated aroma with its pine and citrus flavors are added bonus. It may be quite a challenging strain to grow but the harvest is all worth it. I highly recommend that you try this strain ASAP!

  3. 5 out of 5

    L. Beck:

    wanna taste some sweet lemon? plant now..this seed is easy to grow perfectly for new growers. its leaves are thin with aromatic yellow pistils and produce a high yields that satisfies you..will bloom healthy under sunlight? absolutely Yes! she loves to swing under sunshine. after hard days, take some to stay alert and energetic,by that you can still do things you wish to like do exercise,painting or even doing chores.. loving her sweet lemon taste with a bit of pepper flavor, not only that get hypnotize with her citrus pine smoke..not so good effects are dry mouth and eyes, still manageable just keep drinking water..Good service!.

  4. 5 out of 5

    George H.:

    another strain to remember! good customer service plus the high quality seed,you can only have both here. I choose the combination of jack hererXsuperskunk it’s mind-blowing. Not a problem for novice growers coz it is easy to grow and will surprised you of its thin, green leaves with yellow pistils,also a great-yielding plant that will never disappoint you. She likes sunlight too. I enjoy her citrus lemon pine scent with the sweet pepper taste a good morning smoke, an energy booster at the same time a relaxaton buddy. just keep hydrated, dry mouth and eyes some of its mild effect. recommended!..

  5. 5 out of 5

    Ada Warren:

    I’ve never experienced a legendary powerful strain like this before. This is a perfect blend of mind-blowing strains that will energize your sense and be creatively productive. Cerebral buzz kept me motivated to get things done. A lingering delicious smoke kept me sane that helps alleviate tensions and pains. Its taste and aroma are almost the same with a mix of sweet and citrusy lemon with notes of skunky pine and pepper. It was easy to cultivate indoors. Grew compact and resilient with beautiful thin light green leaves and yellowish hairs. A great yielder of dense buds covered in frost. If you are looking for a functional strain with relaxing properties you better check this strain out.

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