Mazar Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Mazar is a legendary strain that has a high THC level. It has an amazing flavor, a combination of citrus and pine. This relaxing and calming strain is resinous and can give you a large amount of yield. It flowers fast and will harvest quickly. It can be grown by beginners or experts alike.

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More About Mazar (fem)

Potent and Yummy

She is 70% indica and 30% sativa, so she tends to offer a body high than a psychoactive buzz. When it comes to THC, she can give anything between 17 and 20%. With that, she induces a relaxing and calming cerebral sensation that will initially keep you alive and focused. In the long run, you will feel lazy, sleepy, or even hungry. For flavors and aromas, Mazar introduces the tasty notes of pine and citrus. This resinous cannabis strain has been regarded for its amazing and quality vigor. She grows like a Christmas tree.

During harvest, she can deliver a heavy yield, and dense colas provided that you showered her with love and care while growing her. Good thing, she is not demanding.She only requires support when flowering.

Mazar is a great addition to anyone’s cannabis garden. If you are looking for a marvelous indica-dominant strain, then you should consider this one.

5 reviews for Mazar Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Robert M.

    Robert M.

    A perfect mix of hash, citrus and pine flavors, this sweet and earth scented strain is a smooth, heavy smoke at the end of the day. If you are looking to rid the stress away while staying focused and energized, this is the perfect strain for you. It’s fast growing, high yielding, and requires minimal training which makes it a very rewarding strain for newbies and expert growers alike. The Christmas-tree like plant produces large, sticky buds and copious amounts of resin. This strain is definitely one of my all time favorites. Cheers!

  2. Avatar for G. Meade

    G. Meade

    i bought 10 seeds, 8 grown well and satisfies me with a great yields. the calming effect support me to fight depression and worries in mind..Uplifting high gives happiness and laughter after a tiring day,later on become more relax and at ease..for better harvest nurture her outdoor for light penetration and airflow. she is also resilient to fungus and molds.Once hit, the herb creates a mix of spicy and sweet aroma, her taste is the blend of fruit and citrus with a woody aftertaste,her vapor relaxes my mind from the pain of migrane. Good seed for novice growers!

  3. Avatar for Will Hickman

    Will Hickman

    good customer service!.i’ve ordered 10 seeds of Mazar, easy to take care of that’s why I grown 9 plants successfully. heavy yielding herbs,breeders find her pleasant to nurture. i loved this plant coz it is resilient to fungus and molds. a short plant that has a thick green nugs,also get amazed of her white resins and orange hairs. this creates higher yields if place in an area where she can get ample sunlight..early November, expect to harvest about 14.5oz./plant..a good choice for smokers who loves an aromatic strain..Once smoke, her aroma is a mixed of sweet spicy with floral hint..taste like a fruity citrus, while it touches the tongue sweet woody taste can be noticed. best to take a puff in the evening,she offers a relaxation and calm flows in the entire body tends to body stone with the happy high. with this insomnia is not a problem anymore!..

  4. Avatar for Retta G.

    Retta G.

    I look for the best seed when I grow cannabis. I’m satisfied with the service here and seeds worth the price as well. Mazar makes me stoned,and helps me ease stress. Her spicy pepper taste and smell with kinda sour earthy is impressive, a good time with some friends. she is a fast growing plant that survives in hot and dry climate,molds resistant and gives high yield.relaxing effect that tends me to sit down and just read some of my fave books. expect a little headache and dry mouth. For sure, I’ll buy more!..

  5. Avatar for L. Lombardo

    L. Lombardo

    Relaxing, calming with a punch, basically. So growing this can get complicated, starting from the soil that needs to be fertile and need constant moisture. Grows tall and expect good yields. Scent gets peppery, earthy; while the flavor with its spice can tingle your palate. Kinda reminds you of a good Scotch too.With the rush of relaxation from the first puff to the mind boggling transcendence which culminates to a near sedation, I’d totally used this again to treat my insomnia, stress, anxiety and joint paints.

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