MK Ultra Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

MK Ultra is a cross between three very potent and prominent strains. When this strain consumed properly, this hybrid can provoke intense effects, something that will help you deal with stress, anxiety, pain, and depression. But don’t overlook your dose because you can suffer from a couchlock effect if you’re not careful.

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5 Seeds Pack


10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About MK Ultra (fem)

A Cross Between G13, OG Kush and Secret

With the use of the many different methods of mental manipulation, the MK Ultra (fem) is born to bring about its strong cerebral effects. This may have a name that scares you a little. But, when consumed in moderation, it can offer the strongest hitting experience. This is a cross between the hybrids Indica G-13, OG Kush, and Secret. This is the strain that took home first place as an Indica during the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup. It also ranked 2 nd place in the year of 2004.

Its aroma is described to be the same as the burning plastic combined with diesel and lemon. This gives out an aftertaste of being long-lasting, having a hint of mustiness, earthy sweetness, and piney taste. It is indeed very smooth, which leads you to like it more.

When strong medication is as needed, this is likable, especially because of its hypnotic effects. It does create a heavy and couch lock making it perfect to use for combating stress. You will feel that giddiness while you present such a good smile on your face. Know as well that it comes with a THC level of 17 to 20 percent.


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