Moby Dick Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Moby Dick is a prominent sativa strain with moderate THC content. It is an energetic strain, ready to perk you up as soon as you need it. You can use this to deal with depression, fatigue, and pain and is one of the easiest to grow. When grown in a warm and sunny environment, you can get very prominent yields.

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Additional Information

More About Moby Dick (fem)

Known for Its Distinctive Features

The Moby Dick (fem) is known for being the most celebrated and well-known cannabis dominant of Sativa. This is created by the crossing of Sativa and Indica’s genetic lines as it possessed a White Widow and a Haze. This feminized seed is known to grow outdoors and indoors in the Mediterranean-style and temperate climates. This can also thrive with a lot of light while it resists to mold. It can flower when grown indoor in between sixty to seventy days, promising a good yield of 650 grams/M, sup;2.

When this is grown outdoors, it can readily be harvested from the middle to the late month of October. This can reach up about 3.5 meters tall. Its aromatic properties can be complex, including lemon, noble wood, and floral. It has its Indica-leaning expressions that can be somewhat sweeter. Its flavors are broadly the same as added with Haze notes and incense having THC level of 13 to 17 percent.

9 reviews for Moby Dick Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. 5 out of 5


    take this cannabis responsibly,she is a strong plant that has a high hit in the head will fly you so high beyond the roof lol. for beginners,this is not so easy to take care of, your best effort is needed to harvest a great yields. if you’ll meet her demand,she pays back with good yields around 1500gr/plant..this plant lives either warm or cold climate. she combats arthritis,migranes and even muscle pain, relaxes the mind and body..morning smoke of this will lighten up your day and full blast of positive energy. she has a strong citrus scent that leaves me hypnotized,and when inhaled the sweet sour lemon taste stays the tongue. Great seeds!

  2. 5 out of 5

    J. Forbush:

    The best medication! It helped me with anxiety and muscle pain. This strain gave a mind-blowing effect and gave me tingles along my head and arms whenever i toke it! Planted the strain indoor, and was easy. The plant was tall and has enormous yield. The buds were firm and large. It has a smooth smoke that taste like a sweet citrus and smells like eucalyptus. Delightful for smoking with friends. Will acquire again!!!

  3. 5 out of 5

    T. Ray:

    I’ve tried so many strain but this one definitely took my heart. It gave high psychedelic effect and gave positive energies that move through my mind and body. I’ve grown this outdoor. germinating it was easy and quick. It was a tall plant that has a huge yield. The buds were big, solid, and golden, taste like earthy pine and smelled like classic white widow! This one is good for those who have anxiety, depression and fatigue. But would suggest to toke this just enough for your body especially if you’re a firstimer cause it drys up the mouth and the eyes causing dizziness.

  4. 5 out of 5

    W. McDonough:

    A beautiful strain. Grew it easily indoor. The strain was tall and has a massive yield. The buds that I received were very beautiful. it was a green almost blue with many yellow glands. The smoke is smooth and slight piney taste and smell. This strain was a great medication to unwind, whenever I toke it, It made me feel great! So if you want to enjoy the night with friends? Go try this, I’m sure you’ll be in love!

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