Northern Lights x Skunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Combine Northern Lights and a Skunk strain, and you’ll get an award-winning feminized strain. This is an indica-dominant strain ideal for complete mental stimulation that you need to move through the day. It is a strain that’s easy to grow with high yields and THC levels, something that beginner and expert growers are looking for.

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Pack Size Price Quantity

5 Seeds Pack


10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Northern Lights x Skunk (fem)

Has Won Many Indica Prizes and Cups

The Northern Lights x Skunk (fem) is highly valued by many Cannabis users for its high levels of Cannabinoid and therapeutic properties. This also has won many Indica prizes and cups, making it more interesting to use. This was even asked to retire from the competition so that other Indica strains are given a chance. This is a quality feminized seed, while its genetics is made from the subsequent champions. This is great as a strain that changes the cannabis culture around the world, having a THC level of 14 to 17 %. This also best demonstrated hybrid vigor. This, even more, improves the therapeutic value and the impressive yields of the so-called illustrious Northern.

Easily grow this feminized seed that is famous among a lot of beginners. This only has its few leaves, huge flower heads, and huge yields, too. This can readily be grown in fifty-five to sixty days. Harvest it as you want in the early month of October.


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