Purple Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Purple Kush is world renowned for its purple leaves and strong smoky taste combined with a very high THC level. The plant is short in stature with dense buds riddled with thin white and orange hairs. Purple Kush is a durable and versatile plant with frosty buds and an earthy, pungent aroma that will take you on a ride outside of your body. It flowers within 8–10 weeks and it can provide you with a high yield. The THC level is extremely high and the effect is a pure indica feeling that will make you come back for more. Not quite narcotic, it has a strong, pleasant buzz which is very relaxing and even couch locking. If you want to chill, then Purple Kush can help you.

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Additional Information

More About Purple Kush Feminized Marijuana

Having a unique purple color and buds with orange and white hairs, Purple Kush feminized marijuana has become one of the most iconic strains of our time. One look is all it takes to distinguish this plant from the others. Its scent is distinctly pungent, so there is no mistaking it once a little Purple Kush bud is brought into a room.

Capable of thriving both indoors and outdoors, this strain is classified as an easy to moderate growth. Flowering takes an average length of time, and the yields are fantastic. Indoors, this plant can produce up to 400g of dense buds. Outdoors, that number becomes 250g.

The THC content of Purple Kush feminized is amazingly high at over 24%. Unlike most high THC strains, Purple Kush is not highly psychedelic. Instead, this strain will keep you glued to the couch for hours on end while keeping your muscles soothed and relaxed and the mind drifting pleasantly. This is the perfect smoke for those lazy Sundays when you just want to lie down and experience a deep level of calm.

45 reviews for Purple Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. AnneJ

    This is my absolute favourite variety. The effects are relaxing and euphoric and I don’t get the munchies at all. Great for insomnia or pain management. When I went through cancer treatment and radiation therapy, this was my go-to variety. Easy to grow, but must dry and cure carefully. I’ve had mould issues with PK bud that were not properly dry… it’s a sad lesson to learn, but not a hard thing to do. Just dry it out properly and be patient.

  2. Jim

    Just wanted to thank you for this awesome strain. Started indoors in April, out to the greenhouse and then into the ground May 24th. Full sun, Dutch Organics for ferts. Harvested this weekend. I left at least a pound on the plant to see what a few frosts will do. Just over 5lbs from the one PK and 3.5 lbs from your Green Crack seeds. Now I dont know what to do with it all. Thanks Crop King

  3. William Jensen

    Just bought five seeds of purple kush and presently have them between the two plates in the paper towel and waiting on the seeds to pop.Am trying to germinate all five seeds as I have a tent, the lights and am anxious to get up and running.Its all on whether or not the seeds pop???will keep you informed

  4. Tanner Snyder

    5 stars for this one because we haven’t had any mold appear on it yet. Growing outdoors in a hot humid and rainy climate so far so good its now the 2nd of October and everything’s looking good. Not the frostiest plant but she sure does glisten in the sun. Looks identical to the picture advertised. Smells just as descripted. We planted a forget me patch watered maybe 3 or 4 times so they wasn’t the healthiest plants but even with that being said still no mold. Will definitely be growing again next season! Thanks cropking! Hoping to find some more good strains for my climate!

  5. bryan croteau

    first time buyer I hope it works out

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