Skywalker x GSC Marijuana Seeds

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More About Skywalker x GSC

Unique Cannabis Experience

If you talk about a hybrid that has an ability to give an out-of-this-world feeling, nothing is best that a combination of the two, which is the famous Skywalker with a classic Girl Scout Cookies or the GSC. With a galactic THC content, the combination will propel anyone straight up to the outer space with very strong happiness of cerebral high and the body stoning calming feeling.

This can be grown whether indoor or outdoor setting. For you to make the most with a narrow space in an indoor place, it is essential to use the Sea
of Green set up. This is not only for making enough space but also to make the vegging period shorter to have more number of yields. In an indoor setup, expect to have 400 to 500 grams of dense buds each square meter.

Additionally, these plants thrive to grow in an outdoor setting having warm, dry weather. In outdoor, it can grow as much as 500 up to 700 grams of buds per plant within the flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks.


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