Strawberry Marijuana Seeds

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More About Strawberry Feminized 

A Strain That Is Not Hard To Love

Most cannabis often has the herbal hash taste with hints of diesel in its smoke. There are only a few that have a very distinct flavor and aroma that most people yearn for. One of which is Strawberry. Strawberry is a very popular Sativa leaning strain that tastes and smells exactly like its name. This flavorful strain enacts an effect that leaves you euphoric and relaxed. Users are bound to have meaningful conversations as the session goes on. One can feel an uplifted spirit after a few tokes of this strain.

With around 18% THC content, this strain does not overwhelm its users with effects, but instead, it slowly builds up to an explosive high. Beginners and experienced users can attest to its medical benefits through pain relief and its anti-inflammatory properties.

Bred inside a greenhouse for proper cultivation, this weed flourishes under a warm, bright environment filled with sunlight and nutrients.


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