White Russian Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

White Russian is a feminized strain that has a very potent effect. It is from the union of two powerful strains, and thus it’s inherited powerful recreational and medicinal traits. It is also a good kind of strain to grow as it has feminized qualities. You can expect good yields when you follow all its growing needs.

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Additional Information

More About White Russian Feminized

Remain Upbeat With This Cheerful Strain

Released about 20 years ago, White Russian has made its stamp all over the world as one of the most potent strains ever conceived. This infamous strain is a product of two legendary strains – White Widow and AK-27. The conception of these two resulted in a powerful strain that could give its parents a run for their money. This strain delivers an upbeat high that users can relax and have fun with. While it does have a noticeable high, most users are likely going to enjoy its cheerfulness and energy. This Indica strain has rejuvenating properties that make it a good weed to smoke during the day.

Inspired thinking allows the user to be more focused. It is a bit out of character for such an Indica strain, but this weed’s mental stimulation blows its competition. This feminized version typically grows better outdoors. Beginners should handle this strain quite well if they know how to provide proper air circulation and keep humidity to a standard level. By harvest time, one can expect a few hundred grams per square meter for its yield.


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