Yumbolt Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Feminized Yumbolt will help you grow this strain minus any male plants, which can cause accidental pollination. You wouldn’t want to spoil your all-female garden with plants that have very potent and relaxing effects. It is good for conditions like depression, stress, and anxiety, plus it’s also useful for pain.

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25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Yumbolt Feminized

A Mysterious Strain Full of Potential

Yumbolt is a strain shrouded in mystery. No one knows where this cannabis came from or how it was conceived. There are shreds of evidence that this strain comes from the cross between two landraces – Himalayan and Afghani, which makes it a pure Indica strain. Its earthy aroma is quite appealing to classic tokers. With its high potency, it was awarded as one of the best Indica in 2001’s High Cannabis Cup. Its psychoactive effects remain top notch with impressive high that induces fun and exciting experience. As soon as the effects die down, a tranquil experience replaces the upbeat feeling that results in sleep.

With its 24% THC content, this strain has good anti-depressant qualities that release the mind from negative thoughts. Anxiety is also treated with this strain; however, careful consumption is highly advised. In growing this weed, one should be learning a thing or two about indoor cultivation. This feminized version of Yumbolt offers a great harvest by the end of October once it can maximize its light exposure.


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