How to Germinate Autoflowering Seeds

how to germinate autoflowering seeds

You might just have decided to grow your marijuana pant and would want to get the possible details available to let you get set and ready for the planting process. Growing the marijuana plant is easy with some helpful tips to guide you in each stage in order to ensure a good yield at the end. Once you decide to grow autoflower plants, there are significant things to remember. Since autoflower plants need careful consideration, there is a need to master the first step, which is learning how to germinate autoflowering seeds.

The steps are easy to follow that any beginner grower won’t have a hard time knowing the steps and techniques in how to germinate auto-flowering seeds. Though they are easy, there might be accidents that could occur, so every grower needs to be mindful of the best possible ways on how to handle autoflower seeds. Once this process is done well, the other will continue, letting the autoflower grow and mature well. Compared to other seeds, autoflower plants are known for being sensitive, so from the start, the proper care must be given. To get the start of the planting journey right, it is essential to know the precise way on how to germinate autoflowering seeds.

The Autoflowering Seeds

There are many autoflower strains available in the market, and all would cater to all your preference. The first step is always deciding the kind of strain to grow. For an expert grower, this might be easy. But for those beginner growers, it is basic to ask more questions and inquire about the seeds you may want to grow. There are a lot of seed distributors, so make sure to find a legit reputable distributor to get the best possible. It is better to invest in such than paying less for the kinds of seeds you are not sure of.

A pack of seeds may be feminized or unfeminized ones, which can consist of male and female seeds. The best for a beginner grower is feminized ones, so the effort of taking away the male plants won’t be a bother. Feminized seeds are easy to go and practical since there is no need to constantly look for male plants once they grow and pollinate. Thus, there are no seeds wasted on the process. Now that your seeds are ready and secure, the next thing to do is to decide which method to use on how to germinate autoflowering seeds.

Things to consider on how to germinate autoflowering seeds

Germination is the plant’s process of growing from a seed, then slowly into a seedling. Seed preparation, the time and planting manner, as well as the planting space and medium, are some of the basic to know about the germination process. The process starts from a small seed until it ends when the sprouts start to bloom. Once this process is done and completed well, the autoflower plant has a higher chance of growing into a healthy one.

Different agents will have an effect on how to germinate autoflowering seeds and may be responsible for how the plant will turn and grow. First is the temperature. If the soil is extra cold or extremely hot for the plant, the seed may have a hard time growing. The recommended temperature must be more or less 25 degrees Celsius. The soil is where the plant will first take its root; hence, it is needed to get also the best possible soil for the plant. There are sold with pre-mixed nutrient already that can be helpful for the germination process.

Water can also be a factor. Growers tend to make mistakes and easily overwater the plants. The water should only be enough to dampen the soil and not make it dripping wet. Cleanliness is also necessary. Make sure all the tools are properly washed and sanitized to avoid contaminating the seeds with any germs. It is likewise advised not to touch the seed with bare hands unless the hands are clean. Use gloves instead.

Different ways on how to germinate autoflowering seeds

  • The first method on how to germinate autoflowering seeds will use water, paper towel, and a clean plate or any tray. This lets the seed stay in the damp area for a few days until the seeds are ready for planting. The first step is to soak the seeds with water for a few hours. After that, prepare the tray and the paper towel. Put wet the paper towel before laying it on the tray. Make sure it is just damp and not dripping. Once the towels are in place, put the seeds on the damp towel. Give sufficient space for each seed. Once done, you can wet other sheets of paper towel to cover the seeds. Once done, place the tray in a mild temperature of at least twenty degrees Celsius and inside a dark place like a cabinet or cupboard.
    The temperature might affect the dampness of the towel, so make sure to spray water in order to maintain the level of moisture. This moisture will help activate the seed and start the germination process. Leave it for two days up to one week or until the seeds are two to three millimeters in size. Once the seeds are ready, it is now possible for it to be planted in the soil. Bury them a half or one inches below and positioned it in a way for the seed to easily grow and take roots.
  • The second method on how to germinate autoflowering seeds is letting the seed soak in water for a few days. This is easy. Just make sure the room temperature is more or less twenty degrees Celsius to let the autoflower seed germinate well. Get a cup or a clear glass, and placed the seeds into it. Store it in the same mild and dark places and check for any changes. After three to five days, there will be tiny roots growing out, and the seed popped open. Once they are on the right size, you can now take them out and plant them in the soil.
  • The third and most commonly used method on how to germinate autoflowering seeds is planting it directly in the soil. Although this is common, the possibilities of germination are lower compared to other means. The good part is, there won’t be any damages that may happen to the seed, unlike the first two methods. The key to getting this method done well is the quality of soil used. Make sure the soil is airy and light so the air can go inside freely, and the seed will have an easier time growing. There are available soils that work perfectly well when growing sensitive seeds. The soil with pre-mixed nutrient is also good. Gently put the seeds in the soil and bury them for about a centimeter deep, cover it with more soil, and gently tap them to secure. After four to ten days, sprouts will grow visible.


With the three different methods, the grower will have more ways to experiment to get the best method on how to germinate autoflowering seeds. It is even possible to do the three steps all together to compare which methods work the best. Knowing whichever is the best lies on the trial and error attempts done by the grower. This experience will help the writer get more knowledge about germinating autoflower plants and growing them. These methods are proven effective with advantages and a few disadvantages on the side. What matters most is how careful and meticulous you are when it comes to handling seed.

The autoflower germination process also takes time and days, so the grower needs to be extra patient and enduring. The grower also needs to keep his hands clean, especially when touching the seeds. It may look manageable, but growing marijuana plants can be tedious for some. To lift the burden, one needs to get a better view of what to do and what to expect to ready one’s self from what is about to experience. The germination process is the first part, and a lot of things could happen in the life cycle of an autoflower plant, yet knowing the methods on how to germinate autoflowering seeds is already one step toward achieving a goal.

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