Germination Problem: Troubleshooting Document


What is Failed Germination?

It is when a seed does not sprout a root so you can plant it. If a seeds has opened and sprouted a root it is successful.

Please Note: We have a very high success rate of germination so it is rare to have a failed germination.We test and monitor our seeds consistently for quality control.

If you do not have successful germination we need to troubleshoot the method of how you attempted to germinate the seed so we can figure out what went wrong.

Please answer the following so we can try and help you.


Email Address

Order Number

What is your phone number?

What Strain?

How many seeds did you germinate in total and how many did not germinate out of that?

What type of water did you use?

How long did you soak them?

What did you do with the seeds after you soaked them?

Where did you place them after you soaked them?

Did you keep them moist or soaked?

How long did you leave them to germinate?

When you germinate next time, how will you do it?

Where did you get your seeds from?

Upload proof of purchase if bought from a retail store

Note : Only JPG, PNG or TXT file format with 2mb size limit allowed to upload.

Final replacements are discussed by phone only. What phone number and when can a manager call you?

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