CBD Carmagnola Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

One of the most elusive strains is CBD Carmagnola, a strain that’s named after Turin, an Italian city. You’ll experience pure relaxation thanks to its natural calming effects. You can use this to deal with stress, anxiety, pain, and ADHD. You’ll fall in love with its delicious lemon and pineapple aroma as well.

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Additional Information

More About CBD Carmagnola

A Grower & #39;s Well-Hidden Secret Weapon

CBD Carmagnola got its name from the Italian city of Turin. While it was first introduced to the world several decades ago, it has remained to be very elusive today. This specific strain boasts 9% CBD with an almost non-existing THC content. This makes the strain potent medical marijuana that serves to address health issues like ADHD, insomnia, and stress. The hybrid strain is highly effective against nausea, especially for those who are undergoing chemotherapy and cancer treatment.

Despite its robust structure, it is best to keep this strain in check; thus, experienced growers can dedicate more effort in producing more yield with this strain.

CBD Carmagnola might be from Europe, but its tropical scent reeks of pineapple and its flavor have a lemon undertone to it. Best used for recreational and medical purposes, this hybrid strain is highly recommended as a nighttime strain to deliver that strong calming vibe.


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