CB Autoflower Cheese Marijuana Seeds

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Our fast flowering medical CBD strain has arrived in Cheese form. This famous European strain known for its cheesy characteristic has now been turned into feminized auto-flowering gold. We’ve lowered the THC (8%) and upped the CBD (8%) so you will get a 1:1 ratio in this fast flowering, indica-dominant strain.

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More About CB Autoflower Cheese

This strain is ideal for novice growers as it is very easy to grow. It thrives in both indoor and outdoor growing environments. If you are new to growing cannabis, you may want to get yourself some of these before moving to harder CBD strains.

CBD Auto Cheese is a high-yielding plant that originates from the UK. 75% indica, 15% sativa, and 10% ruderalis, this strain delivers a kind of high that is unique to its class. It has been around for a while now but remains a big crowd favorite. This strain is calming and relaxing. It is so good at soothing the body and calming the mind that a lot of consumers smoke it for medicinal purposes.

When cultivated outdoors, this plant can produce yields weighing up to 150g. Indoors, that number can shoot up to 250g. Planting a single CBD Auto Cheese is an investment that your future self will thank you for.

This plant is for growers who can use its powerful calming effects. Regardless of whether you grow for commercial or personal use, having this baby at your disposal comes with a lot of benefits that are rare to find in other strains.

30 reviews for CB Autoflower Cheese Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Dan


    Indoor DWC setup yielded 1/2lb dry off of one plant. Grew to about 24″ tall and 40″ wide using minimal LST. Very impressive. About 13 weeks from seed to harvest. Tried a sample after 2 weeks curing with some friends, and we all agree it was much more than 8% thc which was expected with how frosty the flowers are. Probably in the 20-25% range, which is not an issue. Don’t know how to guage CBD, but there’s a bit there. Very clean euphoric feeling and strong, body high. The smell is a pungent fruit candy and diesel. The taste is fruity, mildly musty/cheesy, and peppery. Very nice

  2. Avatar for Dennis


    Super easy to grow. Got the 10 seed pack and they all grew wonderfully well. Not a big plant, ideal for smaller spaces indoors. Nice medium relaxed high. I allowed these to grow however they wanted but next time will try some training to increase yield, it will be worth it for sure. Thanks CK!

  3. Avatar for Stupefy


    100% Germination and growing fast; white hairs already at 3 weeks

  4. Avatar for Laura Bukowicki

    Laura Bukowicki

    Currently at week 7 with CBD Auto Cheese! We are shocked at the recovery of this strain! I was assaulted by an intoxicated man, while taking my son for a milkshake. Result was a broken nose and a concussion. The Autos we planted were left unattended for about a week. After tending to what looked like a dead crop, these ladies came back!!! Great genetics by CropKing! Unfortunately I can’t post a photo but believe me, the purple hues with this strain are beautiful! Thank you

  5. Avatar for Str81


    Purchased what was supposed to be Auto Cheese but received the wrong seeds (didn’t auto flower). CK replaced the seeds without any issue (thank you). I had these Auto cheese in my dresser drawer for 3or4 years and all 5 germinated and are growing well. Kind of weird that I have one 20″ plant one 10″ single bud plant and three medium. Outdoor grow and all plants are doing well. A few weeks to go still to go. 🙂

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