CBD Critical Mass Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Thanks to its strong CBD levels, CBD Critical Mass is a wonderful therapeutic strain with its muscle-relaxing qualities and potent pain-relieving characteristics. It’s also a perfect strain for growers all because of its autoflowering capabilities. It grows and blooms fast and needs no technique to cultivate from the growing to the flowering phase.

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Additional Information

More About CBD Critical Mass

Your Nightly Cannabis Routine

Auto CBD Critical Mass is a great night time marijuana to consume due to its powerful muscle-relaxing capabilities. It will ease the pain away and provide a serene experience for anyone who smokes it. Made by crossing Critical Mass, LowRyder, and a pure CBD strain, this strain has higher CBD content, which makes it a very viable medical marijuana.

The strain is an effective solution for people suffering from multiple sclerosis and is highly recommended for people with epilepsy. Sweet and earthy, this weed’s long-lasting and pleasant effects are highly good for beginners. Grown best outdoors where it can enjoy the sunlight, this weed is a quite a hitter.

Growers should expect quite a lot with this auto-flowering strain. With only 65 days to grow, cultivating this strain is very easy. If you are looking for a calm relaxing experience while taking the edge off a stressful day, then Auto CBD Critical Mass is the right choice.



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